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Win10 FCU Dec patch KB 4054517 fails large time

Some subset of users of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, chronicle 1709, news determined bugs with this month’s Patch Tuesday missive, KB 4054517. Many of those saying problems are regulating new Surface devices. Microsoft has not concurred any problems. Official sites usually offer a aged “Gawrsh, we need to Restore/Restore/Reinstall” nutriment — and it doesn’t help.

What kinds of problems? They run utterly a gamut. @jwhiz56 reports on AskWoody:

This KB commissioned on my MS Surface Pro 3, my HP HPDV8T laptop though refuses to implement on my 2017 Surface Pro (purchased usually before Thanksgiving). I’ve reset it mixed ways (the OS) and a refurbish possibly sits during 99% downloaded, or it fails on installation. my C:windowslogsCBS office cooking adult ALL of my hoop giveaway space. I’ve attempted all hints/suggestions on a Microsoft forums associated to this KB. when we downloaded a standalone chronicle for my mechanism x86/windows 10, it says it’s not germane to my computer.

MountainBnJ reports on a Microsoft Answers forum:

The accumulative refurbish KB4054517 unsuccessful with an blunder formula of 0x80070643 … this appurtenance will not arrangement a other 3 PC’s on a network when we name “Network” in File Explorer.  But all 3 other PC’s can “see” and entrance this PC no problem. … We’ve run Windows Update Troubleshooter and told it to Apply Fixes whenever it stirred us, and it DID news that it found and bound 3 issues. … After exiting a Troubleshooter, we clicked on “Check for Updates” again and it pronounced “Your device is adult to date.”… We beheld that a build series after a “failed” refurbish had altered to 16299.125. So a complement thinks it DID implement something newer than it had before, though Windows Update thinks a accumulative patch unsuccessful to install.

MortazaAnsari, also on a MS Answers forum, says:

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