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Will a new iPhone battery unequivocally speed adult your device? There’s an app for that

Video: How to check if your iPhone battery needs to be replaced

Late final year it came to light that Apple has enclosed formula in a iOS handling complement that throttles a opening of iPhones if a battery is arrangement signs of wear. The good news is that Apple will lift out a battery barter for $29, though how do we know if it will help?


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Now, we could usually chuck $29 during Apple and wish that this will speed adult your aged iPhone, giving it a reprieve. Problem is, an iPhone that’s usually delayed competence not be delayed given iOS is throttling a performance, and won’t advantage from a battery barter (other than a fact that we get a uninformed battery that’s expected to extend a lifespan of your device).

But there’s a approach we can tell if your iPhone is being throttled.

Simple, all we need is an app called CPU DasherX. This $0.99 app will give we entrance to a CPU magnitude of your iPhone’s processor. Here’s a news we pulled from an aged iPhone 6 Plus we have in a lab. It’s using slow, though is it using delayed given iOS is throttling it?

CPU DasherX

Compare a series that a app pulls adult with what your iPhone’s CPU speed should be (you can get this information by doing a discerning hunt online — we find Wikipedia to be a good resource), and if a numbers compare up, your iPhone isn’t being throttled (as is a box with my aged iPhone 6 Plus). But if a CPU magnitude that a app shows we is half what it should be, afterwards your iPhone is experiencing a throttling issue, and replacing a battery would revive performance.

There’s also a approach to exam how ragged your iPhone’s battery is. Unfortunately, we need entrance to a Mac, and we need to use third-party program to do this. The third-party program we need is called coconut Battery, and we need a Mac given there’s no Windows/Linux chronicle of a program available.

After you’ve downloaded and commissioned a software, we can take advantage of a 14-day giveaway hearing to exam your iPhone’s battery. With your iPhone connected to a Mac using coconut Battery, we get entrance to metrics about your iPhone that can assistance we establish if it’s value spending $29 on a new battery.

Here’s a news from my aging iPhone 6 Plus:

coconut Battery

There are 3 metrics value looking at:

  • Design capacity: This is a ability of a battery when new
  • Full assign capacity: This is a stream ability of a battery
  • Cycle count: This is how many recharge cycles a battery has undergone

According to Apple, a iPhone’s battery is designed to keep adult to 80 percent of a strange ability during 500 finish assign cycles, so if a full assign ability is reduction than 80 percent of a pattern capacity, or a recharge cycles surpass 500, afterwards your battery is deliberate worn.

In my example, a full assign ability is good above 80 percent of a pattern capacity, though we have 3 hundred additional recharge cycles, that means a battery is removing on a bit. However, a usually advantage I’d get from a battery deputy right now is increasing lifespan given a device isn’t being throttled.

Another approach — despite some-more unwieldy — is to implement a latest iOS 11.3 open beta. First off, if we wish entrance to a open beta, we need to pointer up. You can do that here. Before we go any further, we competence wish to take a demeanour during my list of precautions and caveats associated to using beta program on your iPhone. While we can simply hurl behind from using a beta, it’s probable for a beta to means massacre in a meantime.

After you’ve commissioned iOS 11.3 open beta, conduct over to Settings Battery. There we will see a new choice labeled Battery Health (Beta). Click on this to find out some-more about your battery.

Note that this underline relates usually to a iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus.

If your device is handling normally, this is what you’ll see:

What you’ll see if your battery is OK

If your battery is worn, you’ll see this:

What you’ll see if your battery is worn

If a battery is ragged we will be offering a ability to invalidate opening throttling, as good as get information on how to get a battery replaced. Note that if a iPhone practice an astonishing shutdown as a outcome of battery performance, energy government will be incited behind on.

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