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Twitter creates it easier to share a right partial of a live video with launch of ‘Timestamps’

Twitter currently is introducing a new underline that will make it easier to share a pivotal impulse from a live video, so those observation a twitter don’t have to corkscrew to a partial of a promote we wish to speak about. The feature, called “Timestamps,” is something Twitter says it built in response to existent user function on Twitter.

Before, users could usually twitter an whole live video . So, if they wanted to prominence a sold segment, they would twitter a video along with a specific time in a video where a partial they’re perplexing to share begins.

Those observation a twitter would afterwards have to corkscrew by a video to a scold time, that can be unwieldy on longer broadcasts and severe on slower connections.

For instance:

The new Timestamps underline creates this whole routine simpler. Now, when we daub to share a live video (or a replay of a live video), you’re means to corkscrew behind to a accurate time we wish a assembly to watch. You can afterwards supplement your possess thoughts to a tweet, and post it as usual.

But anyone saying a twitter will start examination right during a time we specified.

If a video is still live, they’ll afterwards be means to skip to what’s function now by clicking a “live” button, or they can corkscrew behind and brazen in a video as they choose.

The new choice ties in good with Twitter’s live streaming efforts, that has seen a association focused on charity live-streamed sporting events, news broadcasts, and other events.

For example, those live-streaming a sports compare could re-share a same live video promote each time a group scores a goal, with a video already positioned to a right partial of a promote to constraint that action. That could boost a video’s series of viewers, that could afterwards interpret to improved promotion intensity for those live streams.

However, Twitter will not concede advertisers to place their ads opposite a Timestamped moments during launch, since they don’t wish to get into a conditions where an advertiser is positioned adult opposite a impulse that’s not deliberate ‘brand-safe.’

Beyond a sports-focused use cases, people could also take advantage of Timestamps to share their favorite strain from a live-streamed concert, while reporters could prominence something critical pronounced during a press conference.

Twitter records a Timestamps underline will be accessible to anyone – not only veteran calm publishers. It will also work for anyone doing a promote from their phone, and will support live videos both on Twitter and Periscope.

On Twitter, you’ll be means to share a live video as a tweet, while on Periscope you’re means to share to your Periscope followers, in further to pity to Twitter or pity as a link.

Timestamps isn’t a initial underline Twitter built by examination how people were regulating a product. The association has a prolonged story of bettering a product to consumer function as it did with a prior launches of @ replies, a hashtag, retweets and, most recently, threads. 

The refurbish that delivers support for Timestamps is rolling out currently on Twitter for Android and iOS, and Periscope.

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