Monday , 23 April 2018
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Twitter delays API change that could mangle Tweetbot, Twitterific, etc.

This morning, a developers of third-party Twitter clients Tweetbot, Twitterific, Tweetings and Talon banded together to prominence arriving API changes that could potentially mangle a approach their apps work. As we competence expect, their common user bottom — a bottom mostly done adult of folks who need some-more out of their Twitter app than a central one offers (or folks who, we know, only wish a local Mac app after Twitter killed a central one) — got loud.

In response, Twitter has only announced skeleton to check a API change for a time being.

Originally scheduled for Jun 19th, 2018, a API change would see Twitter’s “streaming” API transposed with a new “Account Activity” API.

The problem? The aforementioned developers indicate out that, with only dual months before a change was set to be made, they and other third-party devs hadn’t gotten entrance to a new API — and changes like this take time to exercise correctly.

Meanwhile, even once implemented, a new API seems to have limitations that could keep these apps from operative as they do today, potentially violation things like pull notifications and involuntary timeline refreshes. You can read a developer group’s relapse here.

Twitter isn’t giving a new date for when it expects to retire a streaming API, though says that it’ll give “at slightest 90 days notice.”

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