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Toshiba launches a 2,400GB 10,500RPM SAS drive

WHEN IT comes to craving tough drives, a order is go big, or go home. But there is another way. Go fast.

This is a approach Toshiba has left with a new AL15SE series, with spindles whizzing around during 10,500rpm – that’s 3,300 quicker than a customary drive.

It’s not Toshiba’s initial go during this speed, though it’s positively a biggest, with a 2,400GB (2.4TB – and before a purists get adult in arms – YES IT IS) model.

It also boasts a SAS dual-port interface using during 12Gb/s – congested into a 2.5-inch casing. It’s a bit thicker during 15mm though this things has to come from somewhere, innit.

It’s designed for tier one mission-critical servers and storage systems, hybrid storage platforms and any unfolding that will advantage from low-latency, with a storage ability of 2400GB. As you’d design for a low latency expostulate of 2400GB, really.

“The new AL15SE Series HDD provides aloft ability per shaft for optimal use in performance-oriented normal IT applications and in mission-critical hybrid storage platforms. Also, IT operations using read-intensive applications might advantage from lower-latency.” says Noriaki Katakura, General Manager HDD Business Unit, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH.

The drives support 4K local and 512e emulated zone technologies and underline an increasing send rate over a prior operation amounting to 15 per cent.

The AL15SE array also offers discretionary Sanitise Instant Erase (SIE) and uses Toshiba’s determined write cache record to assistance strengthen your information when a energy goes out suddenly.

Samples are shipping to business from now. Prices weren’t offered, that customarily means that it’ll count on how many you’re meditative of.

The proclamation follows Toshiba’s “go big” choice – a 9 plattered 14TB SATA HDD. µ



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