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Tonight is a new dating app optimized for genuine dates

When Whim launched dual years ago, it was formed on a candid idea: What if a dating app was focused on enabling genuine dates, rather than chatting?

Of course, copiousness of tangible dates occur as a outcome of Tinder and a imitators, yet it can take a lot of ungainly messaging to get there. Whim gets absolved of those preliminaries.

Founder and CEO Eve Peters pronounced a thought appealed to users, yet there was one problem: Whim also asked we to brand a days in a given week when you’d be giveaway for dates.

“Planning forward was tough for people,” Peters said. “With a enlightenment apropos some-more and some-more spontaneous, seeking what nights are we giveaway for dates this week … was stressful and overwhelming.”

(For what it’s worth, when we used Whim, we did find that scheduling forward for a possible-but-not-guaranteed date was a challenge.)

So after raising income by equity crowdfunding, Peters and her group have launched a new iOS app called Tonight. The app preserves a many particular partial of Whim — as shortly as dual people uncover seductiveness in any other, a app tries to set them adult on a date, no messaging required.

The large difference? You’re no longer scheduling those dates forward of time. Instead, we pointer on when you’re giveaway for a date that really evening. If both we and one of your matches is free, a app will give we a time and a place to accommodate up.

You’ll need to pointer in by 6pm to get a date that night, that will hopefully daunt people who are only looking for a hookup. In addition, users get penalized for flaking out, and they’re eventually private if they keep doing it.


Also value observant is a fact that users no longer appropriate to get dates. Instead, they corkscrew down a list of intensity matches and strike a heart symbol when they see someone we like. (They won’t only see users who are giveaway tonight, yet a accessible ones will customarily uncover adult during a tip of a list.)

“Everything we’ve built in here is not optimizing for matches or swipes,” Peters said. “Our many critical KPI is date success rate — a series of people who get a date, divided by series of people who attempted to get a date.”

She combined that she wants users to see Tonight as their personal dating assistant. For starters, a app and a pull notifications have a talkative style, like it’s a crony walking we by all a stairs indispensable for a date. Over time, Tonight could turn some-more useful with facilities like Lyft formation and customizable venue and activity recommendations.

Tonight is rising in New York first. The app is accessible for giveaway for now, nonetheless a devise is to monetize possibly by subscriptions or a per-date model.

Whim, meanwhile, will continue to exist for now, yet Peters pronounced she aims to transition everybody over to Tonight. As for because she’s rising a new app in a initial place, rather than only redesigning a existent one, she said, “We went back-and-forth yet eventually motionless to rebrand. It’s such a clearly new experience, and [the name] already helps explain what a app is about.”

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