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The aged Android menu symbol is sneaking in a Google Pixel 2’s interface

Are we an Android user who misses a aged menu symbol – a one that used to be a defining underline of a handling system? You’ll be happy to know it’s still alive and kicking on a Google Pixel 2

However, it’s dark so good that it’s taken a while for anyone to find it. It’s a Luke Skywalker of user interface elements.

Android Police was a initial opening to expose it, and by ‘purely random means’ during that. To entrance it yourself, only click on a dull area to a right of a symbol for new apps, tighten a dilemma of a screen, and an app-specific menu will (usually) cocktail adult in all a glory. 

It won’t work with each app, though, expected as a effect of a feature’s deficiency from some-more new apps – since a menu symbol is absent from latter-day versions of Android itself.

In fact, a infrequently dark chain suggests it might have incidentally been left behind from a severe breeze of a Pixel 2 handling system. The fact that it infrequently doesn’t work during all but a few taps lends faith to this hypothesis. 

Viewed in that light, a inclusion here is indeed rather embarrassing. Now that a word’s out, it’s probable it might be not be prolonged before we see an refurbish from Google that removes it.

But, it’s presumably random reappearance has reminded us of a usefulness. As 9to5Google puts it, a subtly reincarnated menu symbol creates it easier to entrance facilities such as a share menu in a Chrome browser ‘without any additional palm gymnastics.’ Removing it now would so arguably meant stripping a Google Pixel 2 of a useful feature.

Only time will tell either Google relents to or resists a renouned demand. Meanwhile, suffer it while it lasts – if it’s still around when Google’s new phone strictly launches on Thursday.

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