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The Full Nerd part 40: How to tarry a graphics label pricing crisis

In this special part of a Full Nerd, Gordon Mah UngBrad ChacosAlaina Yee, and Adam Patrick Murray focus courtesy only on a GPU predicament that’s sent graphics label prices skyrocketing, rendering DIY PCs unfeasible.  

Why are prices so high? (Hint: It’s not only miners.) Are inexpensive consoles or inexpensive GPUs a improved choice for gamers in a pinch? What prebuilt gaming PCs are value your money? Can AMD’s imminent Ryzen/Vega APU mash-up emerge as a savior? Is a PC hardware attention doing anything to repair a supply problem? Will bitcoin’s new pile-up make graphics cards affordable again? (Hint: It’s not only miners.)

It’s a difficult subject, though you’ll find answers to all those and some-more in a hour-long contention embedded above. For even some-more info, be certain to check out PCWorld’s guides on a best prebuilt gaming PC deals for any bill and how to keep gaming in a silver mining era.

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