Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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Tesla looks to take solar mainstream with Home Depot partnership

While Elon Musk is scheming for this week’s launch of a Falcon Heavy rocket, his other association is also scheming for a launch. Tesla has done a understanding with Home Depot to sell both a PowerWall and Tesla’s solar panels during 800 Home Depot locations.

The sell spaces will be Tesla branded and Tesla employees will be on palm to support with use and sales.

Bloomberg initial reported a news after confirming a pierce with Tesla.

Home Depot has some 2,200 stores opposite a country, though a 800-store hurl out is still a largest sell participation Tesla has ever famous for a appetite products. They will be put on display, utterly literally — Bloomberg reports that a Tesla sell displays will be 12 feet high and 7 feet wide, and that some locations will have visible demonstrations of a products.

Tesla initial denounced a solar roof in Oct of 2016. Unlike many after-market solar panels, that don’t offer most by approach of aesthetics, Tesla’s solar roof tiles come in 4 styles that closely resemble stream thatch materials.

Tesla also sells solar panels, and both products work with a PowerWall 2, where appetite can be stored after being diffused by a panels/tiles.

The pierce into Home Depot will be a initial loyal exam of mainstream seductiveness in solar energy.

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