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Square has acquired a 32-year-old grill smoothness company

Square has acquired Entrees On-Trays, a 32-year-old grill smoothness platform. The devise is to enhance a footprint of a on-demand food smoothness service, Caviar, in a Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.

There were a few factors Square took into care in a merger of Entrees On-Trays, Caviar product lead Gokul Rajaram told TechCrunch around email. For one, a merger is designed to accelerate Caviar’s expansion in a Dallas-Fort Worth area and take advantage of a partnerships Entrees On-Trays has shaped with internal restaurants.

Entrees On-Trays is “a lot like Caviar,” Rajaram said. “They have good relations with restaurants, and they offer extraordinary use for diners.”

Thanks to a acquisition, Caviar will be means to broach from internal favorites like Hoffbrau Steak and Grill House, and Riscky’s Bar-B-Q, a family owned grill that has been around given 1927.

Dallas-Fort Worth is also an critical marketplace for Caviar, with Rajaram observant that Dallas has a many restaurants per capita in a U.S. Caviar initial entered a Dallas-Fort Worth marketplace in 2015 with only 30 restaurants on board.

Last year, in and with Square’s merger of OrderAhead, Caviar launched an order-ahead pickup service. Caviar declined to share metrics per a order-ahead business in comparison with a smoothness business, though Rajaram says a bone-fide food grouping business is solid.

“We feel good about Caviar’s altogether expansion in a past year,” Rajaram said. “An augmenting series of restaurants are selecting Caviar as their partner since we are a finish online grouping platform.”

For a rest of a year, Caviar wants to continue flourishing a existent markets and piloting cross-country pop-ups. Last year, for example, Caviar brought San Francisco’s Souvla to New York and Chicago’s Honey Butter Fried Chicken to a San Francisco Bay Area.

“We’re always meditative a lot about how to continue being a best probable partner to restaurants, and also exploring ways to assistance both consumer and corporate diners find delicious, healthy meals,” Rajaram said. “Many people consider food smoothness means low-quality dishes that are bad for we – we wish to finish this misperception!”

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