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South Gloucestershire Council selects Civica to build digital patron platform

South Gloucestershire Council has comparison open zone IT services provider Civica’s digital arm to assistance build a digital patron platform, that aims to urge user knowledge for residents and furnish cost and potency savings.

The legislature is anticipating to build a height that enables residents to news issues fast and lift out slight exchange online, as good as being kept present about swell with their requests. It is also expected that a new height will assistance patron use employees as they’ll be means to get improved entrance to data.

The height forms partial of a council’s wider digital mutation efforts, and it has been designed after removing feedback from residents and employees about their priorities by a series of concentration groups.

Councillor Matthew Riddle, personality of South Gloucestershire Council, pronounced that a thought behind a new portal is to simulate how adults use a series of other services today.

“We use a mobile phones, tablets or home computers to sequence a weekly emporium or replenish a car taxation online, so it creates clarity that people are also means to correlate with legislature services during times and in ways that are available for them.

“Ensuring that a services are permitted and customer-centric is something we’re ardent about improving for a advantage of all residents in South Gloucestershire,” he said.

“As we embark on a digital journey, we of march recognize that not everybody is digitally orientated, nor does everybody have approach entrance to a mechanism or mobile and we will safeguard their needs continue to be catered for by providing options to finish exchange possibly offline or by advocates,” he added.

Once a initial patron height is implemented, Civica Digital will try how a Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and predictive analytics can serve urge destiny services and improved conduct proprietor demand.

Last year, Civica was acquired by Partners Group, a Swiss investment firm, for £1bn. The association has been upheld from post to post given it was offloaded by Sanderson in 2004 in a £79m open share offering.



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