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Sony embraces Dolby Vision with the latest Ultra HD Blu-ray player

Sony has had an peculiar attribute with Ultra HD Blu-ray over a past integrate of years. While a likes of Samsung and Panasonic dived uncontrolled into ancillary a new 4K front standard, Sony hold back, a preference finished a tiny startling given a story with earthy media. 

After all, Sony threw a support behind both DVD and Blu-ray by including players in a PlayStation consoles – effectively unctuous them into millions of households that competence not have differently worried to make a upgrade. 

In classical Sony fashion, once a entrance UBP-X800 appeared, it was a poetic tiny actor with a combined advantage of ancillary SACD, DVD-A, and Hi-Res Audio files. It seemed like  the additional time in a over had finished good things for a player. 

Unfortunately there was only one thing missing, and that was support for a Dolby Vision HDR customary – that has started to seem on a tiny handful of discs and that we’ve been very tender with indeed

Thankfully, Sony has remedied this with a UBP-X700. Announced during CES 2018, it’s an Ultra HD Blu-ray actor that now includes support for Dolby’s 12-bit, scene-by-scene mastered, HDR tour-de-force. 

The HDR10+ problem

There’s only one problem though, and that’s that while Sony has been bustling integrating Dolby Vision and new standard, named HDR10+, has crept out. This CES a new customary was supposed into a UHD Blu-ray spec, and Panasonic had a new player prepared to support it. 

Shifting goalposts doesn’t even start to cover it. 

With no HDR10+ Blu-ray discs carrying been released, and with destiny adoption of a customary still in flux, we don’t nonetheless know either Sony’s UBP-X700 will skip HDR10+ much, though with a universe of earthy media increasingly portion a reward fan niche it could infer to be a problem. 

Fingers crossed that Sony takes a identical opinion to HDR10+ as it did with Dolby Vision on a TVs where it combined support around a firmware refurbish a few months after release. 

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