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Seagate Innov8

Introduction, Design Software

For years now, outmost tough drives have come in dual graphic formats: smaller, bus-powered “portable” drives built around laptop-size 2.5-inch tough drives, and incomparable “desktop” models that can reason some-more files yet need an outmost energy brick, many like a laptop does.

The incomparable drives have always compulsory outmost energy since a 3.5-inch tough drives they residence inside their shells were designed for desktop PCs, and they need some-more energy than USB could broach over a singular cable.

But a energy stipulations of USB are changing due to a change to a new form of wire and connector, USB Type-C. USB Type-C is slim and reversible, yet it can also broach adequate energy to energy not only more-demanding peripherals, yet whole laptops and tablets. USB Type-C is a solitary charging and information pier found on a two-pound Apple MacBook, and it has taken a place of micro-USB on some-more than a few smartphones and tablets (such as a Google Pixel C). It’s even starting to make a approach into a few DIY desktop PC cases we’ve seen recently, like a tempered-glass-covered In Win 805. For many some-more fact about USB Type-C and USB 3.1, see a USB 3.1/USB Type-C authority story.

Segate Innov8 (Port with Cable Unplugged)

We’ve looked during a few USB Type-C-enabled storage inclination in new months, including Samsung’s Portable SSD T3 solid-state drive, and the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive. But a Seagate’s Innov8, a atmospheric 8 terabyte (TB) expostulate we’re looking during here, is a initial desktop outmost expostulate we’ve seen so distant that uses a new cable. And it arguably creates some-more clarity with a expostulate like this, since it allows Seagate to broach cavernous amounts of storage over a singular cable, yet a need to block in or projection around another energy brick.

Eight terabytes is twice as many storage ability as on any bus-powered expostulate accessible previously. And a Seagate Innov8 expostulate sells for about $350 to $380. That’s positively not cheap, yet it’s reduction than a cost of the LaCie Rugged RAIDLaCie Blade Runner expostulate we looked during behind in 2013, it’s a pattern that we wouldn’t be astounded to see showcased in an arriving summer sci-fi blockbuster or a science-centric TV uncover like The Flash. (Of course, it also doesn’t demeanour bad sitting on a desk, subsidy adult your files, either.)

Segate Innov8 (Horizontal Port with Cable)

We adore a fact that a USB Type-C wire means we can do yet a energy brick, and a drive’s pattern both looks and feels great. It can lay plumb or horizontally on a desk, yet to keep vibrations to a minimum, we might wish to place it prosaic on a 4 tiny rubber nubbins that Seagate placed on a bottom of a drive.

Segate Innov8 (Rubber Feet)

Now, a Innov8 looks great, yet know that we can get a same volume of storage and opening for a lot reduction by opting for a company’s Backup Plus Desktop, which is also accessible in capacities other than 8TB, distinct a Innov8. That indication has a partially tedious (and fingerprint-attracting) silken cosmetic bombard and requires outmost power. But it’s still a improved choice for many users seeking a atmospheric storage expostulate currently for subsidy adult mixed devices. That’s since a Backup Plus Desktop uses a customary USB 3.0 pier (of a full-size Type-A variety), that is backward-compatible to comparison USB 2.0 (and USB 1.1) devices, as well.

With a Innov8 drive, you’ll need to bond to a USB 3.1 Type-C pier to get a expostulate operative during all. That’s glorious if we devise on joining your storage expostulate usually to a new-for-2016 Apple MacBook, or one of a new Windows laptops that also have this port, such as the Dell XPS 13XPS 15 or HP’s considerable EliteBook Folio G1. But for a immeasurable infancy of existent laptops and desktops with customary USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, this expostulate usually won’t work, since a comparison USB ports aren’t designed to broach adequate power.

To exam this, we grabbed a USB Type-C-to-USB Type-A wire that ships with a Samsung Portable SSD T3 and used it to block a Innov8 expostulate into several blue USB 3.0 ports, usually to see a drive’s activity light light adult in red and destroy to spin adult during all. (The light is blue when a expostulate is functioning normally.) 

Seagate Innov8 (Hand)

We would also have favourite to see a second USB Type-C pier on a Innov8 expostulate for joining other inclination or daisy-chaining mixed drives together, that is also a underline of USB 3.1. This would be an glorious underline for Apple MacBook users, as that laptop has a singular USB Type-C pier that’s also used for charging.

Our dual other primary quibbles with a Innov8 expostulate have to do with a wire and port. The wire that Seagate includes in a box is usually about 17 inches long, that is glorious for laptop users who devise to keep a expostulate tighten by on their desk. But when plugged into a behind of a desktop test-bed tower, a Innov8’s wire was hardly prolonged adequate to run from a USB pier to a side of a system’s case. Also, when we block a wire into a drive’s USB Type-C port, it doesn’t bond as snugly as we’d like; a wire simply (and unnervingly) wiggles around in a pier yet many effort.

To be fair, a area around a pier is brushed metal, so we don’t see a hollow removing shop-worn simply or wearing out. But deliberation how plain a rest of a Innov8 feels, a rootless inlet of a wire tie is a small off-putting.

It’s also value indicating out that a expostulate is utterly heavy, during 3.3 pounds. It’s not something you’re going to toss accidentally in your bag for on-the-go storage; it’s as complicated as a laptop. But if we need to lift it from room to room or pierce it from home to a college dorm, a fact that it doesn’t need a energy territory creates it many easier to understanding with.


Technically, we won’t find any program installed on a Innov8 expostulate out of a box. Instead, there’s a PDF of a guaranty (three years for a United States and many other countries), and links for both PC and Mac users that take we to a registration page. Once you’ve offering adult your e-mail residence to Seagate, we can download a company’s Dashboard software.

The software’s pattern is clean, and it is intuitively laid out. You can select either to behind adult your whole drive, or usually specific folders or record types, as we can see here…

Dashboard Backup

You can report backups to occur monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or continuously. With 8TB on hand, you’ll have adequate space to behind adult mixed systems. But remember that inclination yet a USB 3.1 pier won’t be means to entrance a drive.

The Dashboard program also has a integrate of extra, presumably intriguing, features. Mobile Backup, for one, lets we behind adult your Android or iOS device…

Dashboard Home Page

It requires that we set adult an comment with Seagate and implement an app on a device in question. Since both Apple and Google have decent baked-in backup features, and it’s easy to find several options for storing your photos in a cloud, Seagate’s Mobile Backup might have singular appeal, unless we don’t trust a cloud and simply wish a internal duplicate of your device content.

Further, a Social Backup choice promises to save media from your social-media accounts. The program has options for Facebook and Flickr, yet no others. Of course, Facebook is arguably a many critical by far, and Flickr users are primary possibilities for backups, as well. But with so many other renouned social-networking platforms, this is another underline that might have usually singular appeal. The easier resolution would be usually to behind adult your images to your mechanism first, afterwards send copies to a Innov8 drive.

One underline we do find handy, though, is that we can configure a expostulate in a Settings territory of a program to control how mostly it spins adult and down (helpful if it’s used on a unchanging yet few report for backups), and swithing off a activity light (helpful for when you’re subsidy adult during night and your expostulate is a same room as your bed).

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