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Save $15 on iPhone battery deputy that comes to you

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See this? It happens in your bureau on your schedule, not during an Apple Store.


Make no mistake: Your iPhone battery needs replacing. Indeed, if it’s over a year old, normal wear and rip will have discontinued a ability to reason a charge. And let’s not forget that an aging battery can, ahem, impede performance.

Apple will replace pronounced aging batteries for $29, though it’s a hassle: You possibly have to make an appointment during an Apple Store (then indeed go to a Apple Store, for who-knows-how-long), or mail your iPhone to Apple, that will take — oh, let’s be serious, if it takes some-more than 30 minutes, it’s not a viable option. (Realistically, it takes 1-2 weeks, and it’s not like we can expostulate a loaner while you’re waiting.)

You’re distant too bustling and critical for delays like that. What we need is a battery-repair tech who shows adult during your office, swaps out your battery while you’re finishing adult that TPS report, afterwards disappears into a night like so many TPS reports.

Puls offers only such a service, and for a singular time, BBH readers can save $15 on any scheduled phone-repair service (iPhone or otherwise, battery or otherwise) by regulating formula ZDPuls15.


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How to serve a correct genie

It works like this: Using a Puls web portal, name your device, enter your ZIP code, afterwards mention a issue: damaged screen, battery replacement, won’t spin on, etc. You’ll immediately get a quote; naturally a cost varies depending on your location, a inlet of a correct and so on.

Battery deputy for an iPhone 6 Plus, for example, would run $79 in ZIP formula 10016 — reduction a $15 bonus around a above code. Sure, that’s still about double what you’d compensate Apple, though you’re removing most faster turnaround and a most some-more accessible process.

Indeed, your final step is to simply select a day and time container (same-day use might be available), enter your plcae and finish a checkout process. That’s it.

When a tech arrives, only find him/her an accessible list or table, afterwards go finish that report. The standard battery deputy takes about 30-40 minutes, according to Puls. And all repairs are lonesome by a company’s lifetime guarantee.

So it comes down to this: What’s your time worth? I’d be astounded if we could get an Apple Store battery deputy finished in underneath dual hours, never mind a time it takes to get there, park, get back, etc. The whole thing could simply eat half a day.

Puls should get we wrapped adult in about a half hour but we environment feet outward your office.

Your thoughts?

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