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Samsung Gear IconX (2018) review: Comfortable, long-lasting wireless earbuds that are ideal for using and a gym

One of a best products we bought in 2017 was a Apple Airpods and not so many for a peculiarity of a audio or a fit, though for a preference of connectivity and charging. The Apple Airpods were not a initial truly wireless headset, though a ease-of-use done them one of a best.

As a runner, a AirPods are not an choice due to a lax fit and miss of any H2O resistant rating. For a final integrate of weeks, we have been using with a new era Samsung Gear IconX (2018) headset that adds H2O resistance, mount alone song support, and some-more control options on a headset when compared to a Apple AirPods. The Gear IconX is a softened wireless headset for runners and improves in a integrate of pivotal areas over a prior IconX model.

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  • Storage capacity: 3.4GB for adult to 1,000 songs
  • Sensors: Accelerometer and proximity
  • Mics: Two mics per earbud with ambient sound option
  • Water resistance: IP67 rating
  • Battery life: 82 mAh for any earbud for adult to 7 hours of mount alone song playback or adult to 5 hours of Bluetooth streaming from your watch or phone. Battery box has a 340 mAh battery.
  • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Earbud dimensions: 21.8 x 18.9 x 22.8 mm and 8 grams

Improvements in this years IxonX, compared to a prior model, embody a vastly softened battery life (partly due to a dismissal of an in-ear heart rate monitor), use of USB Type-C instead of microUSB for charging, and a ability to refurbish a headset firmware and send song around your mobile phone instead of only by a computer. Overall, this new indication is a immeasurable alleviation over a final indication that we would never recommend.


The Samsung Gear IconX sell package includes a left and right wireless earbuds, a charging box with integrated battery and USB Type-C port, a USB Type-C cable, a USB Type-C to USB Type-A dongle, small/medium/large silicone earbud tips and wings (medium is commissioned on a earbuds by default). You can select to squeeze a black, pink, or gray set of headphones with a black one nearing for testing.

The dual earbuds rest firmly in a box with a transparent tag for a right and left earbud. Four tiny bullion pins make a charging tie from a box battery to a earbuds with a earbud tips resting down in a case. The reason supportive outward of any earbud fits into a lid when closed.

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Once closed, there are indicator lights on a front of a box to surprise we if a headset is charging or not. Between these dual indicator lights is a lid recover symbol and when we press it a lid should open bucket and cocktail adult for easy entrance to a earbuds.

Swinging around a behind we will find a USB Type-C pier centered in a box for charging. To a right of this pier is a Bluetooth pairing symbol that we will need to setup connectors with several Android and iOS devices.

The outward of a earbuds are reason supportive and there are a accumulation of taps, swipes, and other actions to lift out several functions. For example, a singular daub plays or pauses a track, a double daub plays a subsequent lane or answers/ends an active call, a triple daub movement plays a prior track, a reason and reason will launch a menu readout where we can select to start a examination right from a headset, and swipes adult or down control a volume. You can also launch a voice partner and even select Google Assistant instead of Bixby if we like.

With song commissioned on a headset, we might see adult to 7 hours of battery life. If we are streaming that song from your phone or watch, afterwards we might see adult to 5 hours of battery life.

Smartphone software

The same Samsung Gear app that we use to bond Gear smartwatches to your phone is used for a Gear IconX. There are dual tabs for customizing and determining your Gear IconX experience; info and settings.

The info add-on contains an earbud standing indicator (with tips), a volume slider, a song widget with ability to trigger song send directly to a earbuds, a song selector (phone/IconX), and an area to bond we to Samsung Health.

Settings embody music, notifications, exercise, find my gear, ambient sound, review out menu options (you can toggle on/off and shuffle them), voice beam language, and About.

There is a built-in using manager that might be useful during times as a manager prompts we to speed adult or delayed down and encourages we to urge in other ways. To start, daub on a use choice in settings and afterwards daub on coach. Here we can select a form of coaching we need from amateur to modernized using events. Make certain to also afterwards toggle on a audio superintendence to hear a manager pronounce to we by a IconX during your run.

The smartphone app also provides we with anxiety images to a reason controls on a IconX so we can learn these touches over time. It has taken some practice, though we have many of a reason controls down now and am enjoying a headset even some-more than when we initial attempted out a earbuds.

Price and competition

The 2018 Samsung Gear IconX has a MSRP of $199.99. However, a Samsung website now has a $40 rebate in cost so we can collect adult a span for $159.99.

Other competing truly wireless earbuds embody a Bragi Dash Pro that has 4GB of storage and involuntary activity trackings. These are labelled during a rather high $329. The Jabra Elite Sport headset, one of my faves, is labelled during $249.99 and can also be found for sale down to $199.99 during times.

Daily use practice and conclusion

We have seen smartwatches adding in some-more capability to duty as mount alone inclination for runners who wish to leave their phones behind. With a Samsung Gear IconX, we can listen to music, accept coaching, and lane some simple information (speed, distance, and calories) though a watch or a phone in hand. The simple information is synced to Samsung Health, though it is not capturing GPS information so there are boundary to how accurate step tracking is around a earbuds.

There has also been an tear of entirely wireless earbuds, though battery life, plain connectivity, user interface elements, and sound peculiarity have issues on many of them. Samsung softened on final years IconX with longer battery life and softened wireless opening that has been accurate with my time spent travelling and using with a headset.

The initial day we went running, we had a middle earbud tip and wing on a IconX. This finished adult being only a bit too tiny for my ears so a earbud changed out a bit and a vicinity sensor rescued we private a earbud. we commissioned a vast tips and wings a subsequent day we went using and a IconX did not pierce in my ears and a sound was consistent.

I’ve had low sound on some headsets in a past, though a IconX provides good volume and a plain listening experience.

The Samsung Gear IconX works with a Gear app on Android and iOS devices. This feature harmony chart sum what works with Samsung, other Android, and iOS smartphones. we tested a IconX on all 3 and for my needs found a knowledge to be plain on each device.

With my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier connected around LTE we truly can leave a phone behind with this watch and a new Samsung Gear IconX. With a stream $40 discount, $159.99 for a IconX is a good buy.

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