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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release date, new features, and all else we know so far

Video: Samsung says Bixby 2.0 is entrance to Galaxy Note 9

We are still a few months divided from meaningful anything petrify about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, though that isn’t going to stop us from covering a several leaks and rumors heading adult to a launch.

As one of a some-more business-focused smartphones available, Samsung’s Galaxy Note line has a outrageous following and fanfare, even after that whole battery debacle.

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Here’s what a gossip indent is now observant about a subsequent Note:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release date

  • Might entrance in Aug 2018
  • If so, it’d recover shortly after

There’s no set date yet.

If Samsung’s prior recover report for a Note line is any indication, we should pattern to see a Galaxy Note 9 announced in late August, with a recover to follow a week or dual later.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Design

  • Don’t pattern a pattern overhaul
  • Might have a fingerprint sensor in front display

Not many is famous about a Galaxy Note 9’s pattern utterly yet.

Using a Galaxy S9’s pattern as a baseline, we consider it’s protected to contend we usually see teenager changes to a Galaxy Note 9 in comparison to a Galaxy Note 8. For example, the Galaxy S9 lineup altered a fingerprint sensor from subsequent a camera instead of subsequent to it. Other than that, there unequivocally wasn’t a outrageous disproportion and not many else changed.

Rumors have left behind and onward per Samsung regulating a fingerprint sensor embedded into a Note 9’s display, and right now, a stream accord is that it’s a go.

At slightest one researcher during KGI seems to think a Galaxy Note 9 will underline a fingerprint sensor embedded within a display. That means a behind of a phone might be giveaway of any arrange of fingerprint sensor, relying instead on a sensor located in a display, many expected where a practical home symbol now is placed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Features

  • Could come with a bigger battery
  • Samsung has reliable Bixby 2.0 is coming

Twitter user Ice Universe, who has a proven record when it comes to leaking Samsung products, claimed a Galaxy Note 9 will boast a bigger battery.

One thing we do know for certain is that Samsung skeleton to launch Bixby 2.0, a voice assistant, alongside a Galaxy Note 9.

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