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Roman is a cloud pharmacy for erectile dysfunction

“When we was 17, we gifted erectile dysfunction.” My interviews with startup founders frequency start so candid. But to destigmatize a business of his new association Roman and empathise with customers, Zachariah Reitano is removing vulnerable.

“I consider in a good approach I’ve turn dull to a embarrassment” says 26-year-old Reitano. “I remember a annoyance of carrying a condition with no resolution and that’s most worse than pity a fact that we had it and was means to repair it myself.”

Roman launches today in California, New York, Florida, and,  Pennsylvania.

Unboxing Roman

It’s a outcome of Reitano’s quest, a full-stack reimagining of a remedy routine for group with issues progressing an erection. Patients fill out a medical story as partial of Roman’s dynamic online revisit that responds with follow-ups to their questions and concerns. The info is firmly transmitted to a alloy for review, and if they’re a protected and suitable claimant for erectile dysfunction (ED) medication, they can now get a remedy created for Viagra, Cialis, or ubiquitous drugs.

That remedy can be filled anywhere, or during Roman’s in-house cloud pharmacy that packs a pills by sip so they’re some-more mobile than those orange medicine bottles and we usually take a right amount. Roman costs $15 for a online doctor’s review, with a pills competitively priced. It earns margins by volume and by ditching a sell pharmacy overhead. The speed and palliate of a complement could deter group from shopping often-fake pills online.

Roman co-founders (from left): Rob Schutz, Saman Rahmanian, Zachariah Reitano

Roman is saved by a $3.1 million turn led by General Catalyst that also includes Initialized, Box Group, and Slow Ventures, as good as angels like Y Combinator partner Aaron Harris, Benchmark’s Scott Belsky, and a CEOs of Casper, Code Academy, and Pill Pack. With usually 30% of group who have ED removing treatment, and 80% of Viagra bought online being counterfeit, these investors see how Roman could dramatically urge a men’s health experience.

From Patient To ePharmacist

Reitano’s initial signs of ED during age 17 set off warning bells in his Dad, a passionate health doctor. The owner says “it’s like a men’s check engine light. ED is often a sign of distant some-more critical underlying conditions since [having an erection] requires many systems to work in harmony, including dissemination and hormones.”

Roman co-founder Zachariah Reitano

His father knew this, and brought him in for a highlight exam during a doctor. While on a treadmill, Reitano’s heart stopped and he collapsed. After heart surgery, he was prescribed remedy that had a side outcome of ED. Reitano kept this private, and over a years his heart healed and he was means to go off a medication. Eventually he began his initial critical regretful relationship. But this Feb some of his heart conditions returned while operative as an Entrepreneur-In-Residence during Prehype.

“I was prescribed a same remedy as after my initial heart procedure” Reitano glumly recalls. “It was one of those scenes in a cinema where a alloy says something and we fuzz out all else. I had a partner for 3 years and we knew this was going to impact my attribute with her.”

That’s when he satisfied a ED studious knowledge was so broken. It can take a month to get a doctor’s appointment, we have to transport there and have ungainly conversations with receptionists and doctors, and afterwards understanding with pharmacy once prescribed medication. Avoiding all this leads group to buy Viagra though a remedy from rough unregulated online pharmacies, where pills are mostly contaminated with building wax, paint, and printer ink.

Roman’s app for alloy consultation

So with his co-founders Saman Rahmanian, a co-founder of bureau government startup Managed By Q, and Rob Schutz, VP of expansion for BarkBox-maker Bark Co, Reitano started Roman.

No Shame

20% of people in their 20’s knowledge ED. 30% of those in a 30s, 40% of those in their 40s. Reitano says his idea is to “educate a open about ED, that’s it’s reduction about sex and some-more about a person’s ubiquitous health.”

Potential patients can check out Roman risk-free, as they’re refunded if they’re not ellgible for remedy or have too difficult of a box for telemedicine. Roman now employs 20 doctors who keep a conference fees though compensate Roman a monthly subscription to work with a customers, who can ask follow-up phone or video calls. Roman’s intake forms discharge most of what doctors rubbish time doing during in-person visits. Its automation systems dwindle issues while streamlining apparent approvals or rejections so docs can concentration on some-more formidable cases.

What’s inside a Roman pack

Patients are typically prescribed 4 to 10 doses per month, that can operation in cost from $2 to $65 per sip depending if they buy formula name or generic. But to fight abuse, Roman won’t send someone some-more than 10 doses per month.

Now with Roman’s patient, physician, and pharmacy apps prepared for use, it’s not a formula though a formula of control that Reitano agonizes over. When asked what keeps him adult during night, he told me “The initial partial of a Hippocratic Oath: do no harm.” Reitano says that before, if an app he done didn’t work, “the misfortune thing that happens is no one uses it.” The stakes are aloft building a health company. But he’s assured that “we can build a height where [doctors] make fewer mistakes than in person” since Roman’s systems are double-checking for remedy interactions and other issues.

Roman will have to contest with a standing quo of wordless suffering, difficult doctor’s visits, dangerous online pharmacies, and other startups as it gets going. One site, Lemonaid Health, serves ED prescriptions too, though it also handles birth control, flu, STDs, acne, and hair loss. Reitano stresses Roman’s concentration on ED ensures patients work with consultant doctors who can answer all their questions.

Now Reitano is Roman‘s initial customer. As for him and his girlfriend, he tells me “We’ve overcome a plea together. We’re both on house about pity the experience. If my entrance out creates it easier for someone though diagnosis to get treatment, my annoyance pales in comparison.”

And while group competence be frightened to present such a supportive theme with their partners, Reitano happily concludes that “When we trust someone with something that personal, we consider they are complimented by it, and she has reciprocated that trust. we consider it has non-stop adult the attribute even more.”

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