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Roccat Isku+ Force FX

The proliferation of mechanical keyboards targeted during gamers has dramatically increasing a series of competitive facilities you’ll find on keyboards. It has combined extreme competition, that has driven prices down a bit (although good automatic switches are still comparatively costly), but, in a end, it appears to have given keyboard manufacturers usually dual choices: Either to contest in a heavily jam-packed automatic keyboard marketplace and risk anonymity, or follow Drevo and other Taiwanese manufacturers and cut a underline set to a minimum, buy off-brand automatic switches, and condense prices to a bone.

But a third choice is emerging, that inverts Drevo’s formula: Keep a high-end features, yet reinstate a automatic switches with distant cheaper surface ones.

Most maestro gamers would object, given surface switches spoil or wear out many some-more quickly, yet buyers unknown with automatic keyboards competence be persuaded. It’s a plan Razer used for a Cynosa Chroma. However, that indication suffered from buggy, deficient beta pattern program and a miss of dedicated media keys—in a view, it didn’t offer adequate to recompense for a brief lifespan of a surface switches.

Roccat has usually attempted a identical offered plan with a Isku+ Force FX, yet has introduced several new and upgraded facilities for critical gamers, as well. They’ve positively lifted a stakes, yet a accumulation of issues get in a proceed of realizing what could have been an appealing first-time gamer’s keyboard.


Here’s a initial demeanour during a $99.99 Roccat Isku+ Force FX…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (First Glance)

Its pointy edges and oversized musical elements make it now tangible as a gaming keyboard, unless we mistake it for a boat about to take off and speed home to Antares. The box and keys are low gray, while a Isku+ trademark and 3 supposed thumbster macro keys are furnished in glossy black. At a extent of 19.7 inches and a length of 9.7 inches, it has a sprawling quality, yet many of it is useful genuine estate, such as a bank of 5 macro keys on a left… 

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Macro Keys)

as good as a 3 thumbster macro keys we usually mentioned, subsequent a spacebar…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Tier Buttons)

You’ll also find 6 dedicated media buttons and a liughtness symbol above a F pivotal row…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Media Keys)

LED indicators uncover a standing of macro recording and vigour supportive keys, that we’ll cruise underneath Features…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Pressure LEDs)

And finally, there are 3 Lock LEDs on a tip right, underneath a Roccat Swarm logo…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Lock LEDs)

But a keyboard’s pattern incorporates a lengthy, tough cosmetic wrist rest. It’s conjunction calm nor removable.

It’s formidable to tell in this image, yet Roccat has recessed a Isku+ Force FX’s keys within a skinny nonetheless stout frame…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Recessed Keys)

Presumably this was finished to maximize a backlighting’s brightness. If so, it was a bad tradeoff: recessed keys make it unequivocally formidable to mislay waste that falls into a keyboard. We cite keys that lay above a support on slight apertures, given it becomes many easier to blow out tiny particles regulating a can of dense air.

We also take difference to a Isku+ Force FX’s rubber-coated, 70-inch cord…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Rubber Cord)

In a view, braided cords offer improved handle insurance given they prevent wires from being incidentally slashed or focussed regularly to a indicate of violation over time. So, when we mix this with a unit’s cosmetic support and surface switches, it doesn’t bode good for a longevity of this keyboard.

Finally, we deliberate a Isku+ Force FX’s dual feet, that lift a behind finish of a keyboard by a third of an inch…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Underside)

This is distant too tiny to be ergonomically beneficial. Feet are dictated to place a fingertips closer to a keyboard’s behind rows, with reduction following strain. This is mostly an emanate in units like this one, that adds an additional quarrel of dedicated media keys above a F keys. But a keyboard would need to be raised an in. or some-more to equivocate problems. Even Razer’s pattern on a Cynosa Chroma, that provides feet-within-feet for dual opposite levels, offers a improved solution.

Kone AIMO) compulsory designation of churned modules to run Swarm, a company’s pattern utility, that didn’t infer a box with a Isku+ Force FX. We downloaded and commissioned a motorist and Swarm itself with relations ease, in underneath 10 minutes. The usually problem we gifted occurred when a program asked us to mislay and reseat a USB wire after updating, instead of after rebooting. That was, however, simply resolved.

All non-physical keyboard facilities can be gifted firsthand in Swarm. So, let’s take a demeanour during a utility.

The initial shade (General Features) gives a clarity of a rarely informational yet firmly orderly approach. We usually consternation because this is a initial shade we see: It’s kind of a catch-all screen, with a “put it all here if it fits nowhere else” peculiarity that traditionally appears final in identical utilities from Razer, Logitech, and Corsair…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (General Features)

On a General Features screen, we also found some Control Panel Keyboard standards, such as Repeat Delay, Repeat Rate, and Cursor Blink Rate. There are some peculiar options here as well, such as environment an enlightenment and/or sound outcome if a keyboard falls defunct or awakens. But the most weird choice was environment typewriter or lamp arms outcome sounds that will play by your speakers each time we press a key. 

The subsequent screen, Key Assignment, offers drag-and-drop functionality and is elementary and straightforward, yet it’s not a best doing we’ve seen…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Key Assignment)

The content is low and has a tiny rise size, creation it tough to see. Also, we found a GUI doesn’t work as expected: We approaching to be means to click anywhere in one of a duty directories, perspective a contents, and drag one of a actions. But instead, we have to click unequivocally tighten to a left corner of an movement (around a arrow) or it won’t move. There are extensive options as well, yet they are both too universal and eccentrically organized. For example, “System OS” offers 24 selections in all, yet they’re in no distinct order.

One of Roccat’s dual vast facilities it’s touting on a Isku+ Force FX is permitted from this screen: Easy-Shift, like Razer’s Hypershift, was grown recently to explain a judgment of a keyboard’s additional actions (via a Shift key) onto mice. Now, Roccat brings that underline behind to name keyboards. The result: instead of carrying dual functions for many keys, shifted and unshifted, we have 3 when used in churned with a designated Easy-Shift key. It’s an engaging suspicion if you’re a kind of productivity- or gaming-minded form who wants a lot of functionality during your fingertips, and can remember it all yet wanting to demeanour it adult online.

That said, we’re a bit astounded during Roccat’s indeterminate implementation. There are 123 keys on a Isku+ Force FX. Just 28 of these on a left side of a keyboard can request Easy-Shift. The indicate isn’t a matter of numbers, yet that any given actor might have other keys he or she would cite to use with Easy-Shift instead, maybe on a numeric pad or F pivotal row, rather than those that have been arbitrarily selected for them.

Key Illumination is Swarm’s third screen…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Key Illumination)

Not suddenly for a keyboard with surface switches, there are no problems lighting all keycaps evenly. But even during a brightest, a enlightenment on this keyboard is sincerely dim, and tough to see if you’re gaming in a dark. There’s no per-key or per-zone lighting, either. It’s all or nothing.

Force FX Setting, a fourth screen, brings us to a other vital underline being touted for a Isku+ Force FX…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Force FX Setting)

This is where we configure what Roccat refers to as a keyboard’s Pressure-Sensitive Key Zone. Each of these keys is means of measuring a vigour being practical to it and a response accordingly. Depending on how it’s configured on a given key, one of 3 formula is possible. First, a pivotal registers a customary value. Second, degrees of vigour are interpreted as yet granted by a controller, providing some-more or reduction acceleration in space and racing simulations. Third, adult to 3 apart degrees of vigour can trigger adult to 3 apart actions.

The W pivotal in a picture above triggers Alt+S with an practical vigour of 5 percent, and S with a vigour of 100 percent. (You can see a magnitude of that vigour as a 5 leftmost LEDs during a tip of a keyboard light up. They’re usually eye candy, however, given they yield no quantitative dimensions of anything, and it’s doubtful you’d be means to give them many courtesy while gaming, unless you’re a advocate of pile-up and burn.)

Roccat refers to a Isku+ Force FX as a initial product to entrance Force technology, and in a strictest sense—as a pressure-responsive complement for peripherals, privately named Force—it’s correct. But pressure-responsive keys and buttons in mechanism peripherals have been regularly attempted in a past, starting with a 2009 bid by Microsoft that collapsed before it reached a sell stage. Last year, we saw that a Swiftpoint Z Mouse, which allows users to emanate formidable macros that confederate churned levels of symbol vigour with singular results, proves such a system can be finished and finished unequivocally well. So it’s a good idea, and one we’d gladly welcome—except that, again, Roccat’s doing is infrequently cautious. Instead of creation this permitted opposite a extended operation of keys, usually 6 (QWEASD) supply this unequivocally useful functionality…

Roccat Isku+ Force FX (Pressure Sensitive Keys)

Continuing on with Swarm, during a bottom of a screen, there’s an choice to launch a Macro Editor. It’s decent enough, yet lacks Corsair’s extent of customization.

Alongside it is a Profile Manager. It supports auto-loading adult to 3 executables per profile. Swarm, however, usually accesses profiles stored in memory, that boundary it to usually 5 profiles. (Unless we wish to go by a bid of swapping out those 5 by exporting and importing profiles each time we bucket a sixth game. Right, we didn’t consider so, either.) That’s unequivocally many behind a times, given Roccat’s many estimable competition, including Corsair, Logitech, and Razer, support an total series of game-specific profiles, that are stored and now permitted on a computer. Being singular to usually 5 active profiles during a time is ungainly when many of us cite to name from a distant larger array of a gaming titles; and that, along with a GUI’s emo coloration and feeble organised pivotal assignments, leads us to wish Roccat will ascent a pattern program soon.

For this review, we won’t revisit the mechanical-switches-versus-membrane-switches debate. It’s unequivocally a matter of taste. For some, a unequivocally still keys and low prices of many surface keyboards make them preferable, with a slightest costly units offered for underneath $10. Others, generally gamers, preference a some-more particular hold of automatic switches (which come in many determined varieties of tactility, pressure, and sound) and their longevity, that exist their surface counterparts by anywhere from 5 to 10 years.


Gaming with a Isku+ Force FX was a churned bag for us given we mostly found truly appealing facilities were time and again compromised by a accumulation of issues. For instance, pressure-responsive keys are a good suspicion and were implemented good in a Swiftpoint Z Mouse. But a Isku+ Force FX only offers 6 on this keyboard. Easy-Shift is another glorious feature, yet it’s sealed on usually 23 keys, that are clustered on a left side of a unit. Swarm is a excellent pattern utility, yet tough to read, and severely compromised by ancillary usually 5 stored profiles during a time. The cost is sensible, yet this keyboard’s surface switches wear out quickly. In principle, we like a suspicion of providing buyers with a wrist rest, yet this one is done of tough cosmetic and uncomfortable, and we can’t detach it.

Similarly, 8 dedicated macro keys should move pleasure to a heart of many a dedicated gamer, yet Swarm’s macro editor is basic, during best. It doesn’t support swapping profiles on a fly, using timed commands, or formulating a macro that performs one movement when a pivotal is pulpy and another when it’s released. In a stream state, building macros in a 123 keys on a Isku+ Force FX is like selling a vast home yet a seat budget.
Dedicated media keys, too, are many welcome, yet they’re during a tip of this extensive peripheral, and a unit’s unequivocally low-rise feet make for an upsetting widen each time we wish to change volume or, for that matter, entrance a F keys row. Over time, that turns into tendon tired and, ultimately, repeated suit injury.

Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard seems to us a higher alternative. At a same cost point, it furnishes dedicated media keys, a detachable wrist rest, Cherry MX automatic switches, and a good pattern application with a top-notch macro editor. There are no dedicated macro keys, no pressure-responsive ones, and no homogeneous to Easy-Shift, yet all on offer is unusually good implemented.

Mind you, if Roccat slashes a Isku+ Force FX’s cost during some destiny point, it becomes a many some-more rival keyboard. In a meantime, a doubt of either a manufacturer can successfully swindle high-end gaming facilities onto a surface keyboard and emanate a bestseller stays open.

Roccat Isku+ Force FX

Our Verdict:
This keyboard has earnest features, like pressure-sensitive keys and Easy Shift, yet a doing isn’t good suspicion out: a pattern program needs updating and surface switches wear out quickly.


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