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Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

There’s no apparatus some-more profitable to a PC gamer than his or her keyboard. Keyboards designed for gaming mostly have a pointy appearance, automatic pivotal switches, and additional facilities to assistance gamers, well, game. And while gaming keyboards camber a cost spectrum, they tend to combine in dual groups: budget-friendly models that rest on off-brand switches and motorist facilities or high-end units that stress bling, build quality, and some-more programmability than we can chuck a two-liter Mountain Dew at. With a BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2, Razer clearly aims toward a high finish of a market, though is this compress keyboard’s underline set adequate to clear your $139.99?


Razer’s latest entrance in a BlackWidow lineup keeps to a rather elementary pattern this time around. With or though a use of a flippable feet, a keyboard slopes during an ergonomic, downward angle and finishes with a short, pointy point during a unit’s front edge, that is ornate by a Razer logo. This front corner also integrates magnets, permitting it to bond to a captivating wrist rest that comes with a keyboard.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 diagonal

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 foot

The wrist rest, lonesome in soothing mistake leather and pressed with foam, also bears a Razer logo. Several of us in a bureau use jelly wrist rests, and opinions were uniformly separate on either a Razer rest was some-more or reduction gentle than gel. Either way, it’s close. However, these authors were also separate on a earthy positioning of a wrist rest. William is a hunt-and-peck receptionist who tends to keep his elbows far-reaching when working; Garrett is a hold receptionist who keeps his elbows closer to his ribs. Garrett found a wrist rest ideally comfortable, while William’s left wrist fell partially off a corner of a rest when it’s snapped into a common place. As a result, William attempted changeable a rest to a left for improved comfort, though though a captivating mooring, a smooth-bottomed wrist rest slid around. #firstworldproblems

The Tournament Edition is matte-black and giveaway from any of a peculiar juttings and extras that accoutre so many gaming keyboards. The backlight illuminates both a letters of a keys as good as a space around them in a tone of your choice. Unfortunately, Razer’s keycaps underline embellished rather than etched black such as @, , and media commands, so a backlighting fails to make them manifest in low or low settings. Unless you’re a very fluent typist, this can make anticipating a right pivotal during night rather difficult.

In sequence to capacitate a tiny footprint, this BlackWidow is tenkeyless, definition it lacks a set of series keys to a right of a cursor arrows. However, Razer also does divided with facilities such as dedicated macro keys and audio pass-through in this edition. Essentially, you’re removing a Chroma 16.8-million-color backlighting and Razer’s house-brand switches (which were immature in a examination unit). The micro-USB wire is braided to raise continuance and detachable to raise portability. The keycaps are somewhat concave, and a 5 categorical typing rows offer a slight drop in a center for ergonomic comfort.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 switch

Performance Features

This keyboard is accessible in 3 Razer switch variants: immature (tactile and clicky), orange (tactile and silent), and yellow (linear and silent). Our unit’s Razer Green switches tend to title Razer’s switch marketing, and they positively are pleasing to form on. In fact, they feel scarcely matching to Cherry MX Blues, right down to a 50g actuation force. Just like Blues, Razer Greens are satisfyingly clicky, though we found them to be too shrill during gaming. Imagine personification an FPS, and you’re perplexing to speak to your teammates to figure out a best devise of attack. As your patrol starts to order your plans, we can hardly hear them call out a rivalry sniper’s plcae over their ceaselessly shrill clicking. Can this be minimized with a really directional headset mic? Sure. And are a Razer Greens massively louder than MX Blues? No. It’s usually an incremental thing that we found grievous after so prolonged with MX Blues.

Like many Razer keyboards, a Tournament Edition is a gaming keyboard, and we meant that in a loyal sense, not a SEO-keyword approach that we’ve mocked in some past reviews. However, many of a BlackWidow’s gaming facilities can usually be unbarred around Razer Synapse, a pattern module concordant with all of Razer’s keyboards. Let’s stop for a second to entirely conclude how overwhelming it is to usually have to download a pattern module once and have it work with any other Razer keyboards we have or competence buy. The module delivers some of a facilities we would expect: macros, backlight customization, and mixed profiles for any setting.

But oh, those backlight settings. On a surface, options demeanour flattering standard. There are a few preset patterns, and we can set specific keys to be lit. However, fibbing usually a few clicks divided is a mind-blowing Chroma app compatibility. Specific apps and games are concordant with a Chroma program, that takes over your stream backlight settings to broach specific lighting formed on that program. For example, in Overwatch, WASD will be illuminated in a same orange paint found in a Overwatch logo, and your now set ability keys (we used a default E and Shift keys) will be illuminated light blue. Upon regulating an ability, a dedicated pivotal will start to peep a low red until a ability can be used again.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 module 1

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 module 2

Yes, other keyboard module will concede we to set what are radically backlight macros, though a cold partial about Chroma is we don’t have to configure these settings yourself. Developers have finished a complicated lifting with Razer’s Chroma SDK already. You usually need to bound into a diversion and let a module bucket a settings automatically—no 30-minute setup required. Sadly, a series of upheld games and apps is limited, though we can find a list on a Chroma workshop site.

Speaking of macros, if we emanate a form with macros, check a “link program” box, and name a preferred game, you’ll automatically switch to that form whenever that diversion is launched. We use a tenure “game,” though this underline can be used with any module that ends in “.exe”.


Does a Tournament Edition sound like a flattering good keyboard? Well, it is and it isn’t. The vivid problem is that $139.99 cost (although we saw it for $109.99 during end-of-2017 holiday promotions). Compare with a identical though incomparable gaming keyboard, such as Corsair’s K70 LUX, that uses MX Blue switches and rings adult during $99.99 on Amazon. The K70 offers arguably some-more backlighting customization, as good as dedicated media keys and a tenkey pad. Of course, a Corsair doesn’t have Chroma app intuiting and profiles, a padded captivating wrist rest, or a BlackWidow’s improved portability. So, does a latter list clear Razer’s cost premium?

All things considered, a Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 delivers glorious peculiarity in a tiny package. While a pivotal clicks are a tad too loud, they still feel good to form and play on. While there are no quite engaging earthy facilities about a keyboard, a Chroma module is something to spy and a fun to experience.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 top

As for altogether value…it depends. At $139.99, we’d call a Tournament Edition overpriced relations to a competition. It cuts too many facilities for a smaller size, and, over particular games, many users are going to collect their favorite lighting profile, set it, and forget it. (To be fair, we leave ours set in Spectrum Cycling mode, that solemnly progresses by a whole 16.8-million-color spectrum. This is literally a usually changing tone mode we’ve ever tolerated for customary daily use.) If we can find a keyboard for $99.99 or $109.99, however, a story changes, and Razer’s pivotal offered points for this indication gleam brighter, maybe irresistibly so. If your gaming register facilities several titles on a Chroma apps list, and if you’re OK with a volume of Razer’s immature switches, this would be a tough keyboard to pass by.

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2

Our Verdict:
Razer’s tenkeyless gaming keyboard is gentle to form on and has good software. However, a underline set is distant too lacking to recompense for a high cost tag.


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