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ProgrammableWeb’s best cognitive, analytics, growth APIs of 2017

ProgrammableWeb, a site that marks all things API, has published a list of a many constrained APIs expelled in 2017.


Photo: Joe McKendrick

The list, gathered by ProgrammableWeb’s Joy Culbertson, appears as a 10-part array that reviews tip APIs by organic area. Overall, ProgrammableWeb papers some-more than 18,000 open APIs, with some-more than 2,280 APIs combined over a past year, Culbertson writes. However, many new APIs arise above a rest.

Here are some standout APIs she highlights in her series:

Big information and analytics:

TensorFlow: Developed by Google, a TensorFow API “allows construction of information upsurge graphs for scalable appurtenance learning.”

Kinetica: “Allows developers to entrance databases to emanate tables, supplement rows, review rows, and undo rows, and includes functions for filtering and visualization.”

DataKitchen: “Allows developers to correlate with a DataKitchen platform, that provides a DataOps height that incorporates Agile Software Development, DevOps, and manufacturing-based statistical routine control into analytics and information management.”

Cognitive computing:

IBM Watson Discovery REST API: “Allows developers to build queries for information and retrieving results, supplement data, conduct queries, and confederate with other IBM Watson APIs.”

Fuzzy.ai: “Allows developers to supplement appurtenance training to their operative code.”

Compliance.ai: Includes “developer portal, documentation, formula samples, and other collection developers can use to build applications integrated with financial law data.”

Gluon; “A corner charity from Microsoft and Amazon, offers an interface that allows developers to prototype, build, and sight low training models.”

Application growth and DevOps:

Google Cloud Functions: “Allows developers to entrance and confederate a functionality of Google Cloud. Has both REST and RPC references and is now in beta.”

Amazon Web Services Lightsail: “Offers developers practical private servers and compared facilities such as practical machines, storage, DNS management, and information transfer.”

JSON fiddle: “Allows users to store, access, and revise JSON files online to exam their applications.”

Scrumwise: “Allows developers to programmatically entrance and cgange information in Scrumwise, that provides a elementary Scrum apparatus that allows users to envision smoothness date, emanate and conduct backlogs, devise releases and sprints and more.”

Dead Man’s Snitch: “Allows developers to entrance and conduct ‘snitches,’ that are used to guard scheduled tasks.”

Business and capability APIs:

Microsoft Power BI: “Allows entrance to a accumulation of dashboard resources including datasets, rows, and tables. Developers seeking to devour a API contingency substantiate their apps with Azure AD.”

BombBomb: “Integrates video email into applications to modify leads, boost rendezvous and sales, and mount out of a text-based swarming mailbox.”

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