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Political risk insurer BPL upgrades whole storage infrastructure to exterminate latency challenges

Credit and domestic risk word association BPL Global has upgraded a whole storage record infrastructure in a bid to overcome business-inhibiting latency challenges.

The association pronounced it had been wasting too much time and appetite perplexing to examine latency problems caused by a ageing spinning hoop systems.

Working with multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions opposite a globe, the insurer – that backs trade to a value of billions of pounds each day – is constantly carrying to understanding with vast information volumes. But a prior record infrastructure had been slowing it down.

In a bid to keep on tip with augmenting workloads, BPL implemented a full-flash storage infrastructure from Pure Storage technology, doubling a storage ability during a same time as elucidate a latency problem.

BPL claimed that the marketplace for peep storage was swarming with “overcomplicated” and “expensive” products.

Working with Pure, BPL claims to have achieved a 4:1 information reduction, solved latency issues and increasing a lifespan of information storage to 7 years.

Storage is critical 

London-based BPL operates a world’s largest credit and domestic risk word brokerage team. The organization pronounced it’s vicious that a employees have entrance to a right resources to offer “the complex, time-critical needs” of clients.

Adam Koleda, executive of IT during BPL Global, said: “As a business, a priority is anticipating a best probable understanding for a customers. So in terms of IT, we combine on delivering infrastructure that actively supports pivotal business needs.”

Over a past 5 years, the insurer has doubled in size, from 50 to 100 employees, and a tellurian IT infrastructure, that is predominately formed in a UK, is now done adult of Pure Storage arrays.

Koleda pronounced that a organization relies on storage to hoop vast inner mailboxes and open folders, and that a seamless sell of files is vicious in a day-to-day operations. However, a company’s quick expansion left a required hoop storage infrastructure struggling.

“It competence sound elementary though for a association like ours with a structure that we have, it is really critical for a teams to be means to share emails and files fast and efficiently,” he said.

Technological transformation 

When it changed offices, BPL motionless to sinecure a association to “completely re-architect” a storage foundation. It comparison Pure, partly due to a preference to change to faster flash-storage infrastructure, though also, Koleda says, due to a candid inlet of a user interface.

“Simplicity is really critical for us, and was a outrageous partial of because we chose Pure Storage. You log-in to a Pure storage height and it has a few pivotal metrics. You can emanate volumes with a crack of a button,” pronounced Koleda.

He pronounced he wanted to work with “smaller, some-more innovative players who were able of disrupting a sector”.

“We did cruise other storage vendors,” pronounced Koleda. “But it was transparent that Pure Storage had an corner over a competitors.

Tech marvels  

The company’s tellurian IT infrastructure is now formed on 3 Pure Storage FlashArrays. Two of them conduct 45 practical machines, while a third handles snapshots and replication.

“The arrays are conduct and shoulders above other technologies, both in terms of morality and cost-effectiveness,” pronounced Koleda.

Describing a complement as “revolutionary”, a arrays also yield softened security, Koleda claimed. “What we was also looking for when purchasing Pure Storage was a ability to have active excess within a storage,” combined Koleda.

“For a storage device during that turn of pricing, that functionality is incredible. By doing this, Pure Storage has overcome one of a pivotal challenges, that is formulating a bullet-proof infrastructural design.”

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