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Opera co-founder von Tetzchner offers Icelandic encrypted record storage service

For those disturbed about intensity snooping by a US National Security Agency and other supervision notice schemes, Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner wants to yield “a safer alternative” form of amicable media with his startup Vivaldi.

Established in Nov 2013, offers forums, blogs, email, print pity and present messaging platforms, though sets itself detached from providers of identical services by charity information encryption and a pledge to not indicate a calm of emails to sell targeted web advertising, a latter being a use employed by Google’s Gmail service.

“Our initial concentration is on a mechanism geeks given they customarily have aloft final for functionality, reserve and privacy,” von Tetzchner told Reuters. “But a lot of typical people also worry about these things and we will acquire everyone.”

von Tetzchner left Opera Software in 2011 and in a time given afterwards a organization has motionless to tighten a possess amicable network, My Opera, as of 1 Mar 2014. It is something hopes to gain on as it offers users a protected plcae to store documents.

“There has been a lot of concentration on reserve lately, and it has generally been focused on governments. But this is only as most an emanate for a companies in this business,” pronounced von Tetzchner, adding that his organization offers a approach for people to store information divided from a meddling eyes of large business and government.

“As a multitude we feel that we should be some-more focused on tying a large notice we all are underneath from governments and from companies that use people’s private information for promotion purposes.”

While von Tetzchner certified that it is tough to pledge that a supervision will be kept during bay, he believes offers a clever probability of doing so, generally given a location.

“I don’t consider anyone can pledge to keep NSA away, so we won’t make that promise,” he said. “But we are but a doubt a safer choice than anyone else out there. This is one of a reasons we have selected to do it from Iceland.”

Iceland is eminent for clever laws per giveaway debate and consumer protection, both of that von Tetzchner wish will assistance keep information stored in his startup safe. In further to that, a country’s meridian creates it an ideal mark to yield datacentres during a low cost, interjection to a healthy cooling offering by a breeze and inexpensive appetite by geothermal energy.

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