Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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Onecom snaps adult True Telecom patron base

Onecom has suggested a vital understanding as it continues a expansion opposite a UK.

The association has announced it will be appropriation a patron bottom of Kent-based organisation True Telecom. Around 3,000 business will be eliminated underneath a deal, solution doubt that had been benefaction given final November, when True Telecom entered administration after being fined £85,000 by Ofcom for breaching manners around creation bother calls.

Onecom says that a news is a poignant miracle as it looks to pierce towards a aim of £100m takeover, with a understanding bringing a patron bottom to over 325,000 connectors opposite a UK and Northern Ireland.


“This understanding ends a duration of doubt for True Telecom customers, while delivering a poignant volume of fixed-line and broadband accounts to a business,” pronounced Darren Ridge, CEO of Onecom.

“It is a goal to support True Telecom business to a really best of a ability in sequence to yield them with a value and peculiarity of charity that have turn synonymous with Onecom over a years. Those fasten us will immediately advantage from Onecom’s award-winning patron use and Unified Communications expertise.”

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