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Okta teams with SailPoint for corner temperament government service

SaaS temperament providers Okta and SailPoint Technologies have inked a strategic partnership that aims to tackle entrance and temperament governance problems for enterprises.


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Okta and SailPoint are mostly pitted as rivals, though a companies offer opposite solutions to a online temperament government problem. Okta functions as a badge reader, handling worker entrance to business applications and data. SailPoint’s height works on a governance side, last either a chairman with a badge should benefit entrance formed on reserved privileges and corporate confidence policies.

“In a enterprise, businesses might also need additional governance over who can entrance an focus or information and underneath what circumstance,” pronounced Todd McKinnon, Okta co-founder and CEO. “This isn’t something Okta has traditionally done, though is a core of what SailPoint does.”

Okta and SailPoint together, McKinnon said, offer organizations end-to-end temperament management, from entrance all a approach to temperament governance and compliance.

In some-more technical terms, a corner Okta and SailPoint product will yield services for initial on-boarding, secure singular sign-on and multi-factor authentication for secure focus access, and programmed off-boarding as users change roles or leave an organization. It also offers pivotal temperament functions such as entrance acceptance of any focus and self-service support for cue resets, and automates all entrance requests.

“Together, SailPoint and Okta move palliate of access, confidence and control to a common customers, and we are doing so in a platform-agnostic way,” pronounced SailPoint CEO Mark McClain. “We know many enterprises work in a mostly extrinsic sourroundings and as such, they need to secure entrance to all their applications and data, no matter a platform, on-premises or in a cloud.”

Both Okta and SailPoint went open in 2017 and are among a pivotal players in a temperament government services space, an estimated $18 billion addressable market, according to Investors Business Daily. SailPoint’s IPO in Nov gave a association a marketplace top of $1.2 billion, while Okta’s IPO in Apr valued a association during $1.5 billion.


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