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No telecommuting allowed: Why is Google investing billions of dollars in bureau buildings?

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For being such a outrageous digital association there is zero practical about Google when it comes to a bureau space: it can't get enough. In a latest deal, Google is shopping a landmark Chelsea marketplace building formidable in New York city for over $2 billion – a outrageous series even for New York, reports Mark Maurer in The Real Deal:

The 1.2 million-square-foot office-and-retail skill during 75 Ninth Avenue is home to a renouned food gymnasium as good as Major League Baseball and a Food Network. Google is already a largest reside during a building, leasing about 400,000 block feet of space. The company’s New York headquarters, during 111 Eighth Avenue, is right opposite a street….They pronounced that Google is profitable over $2 billion, or north of $1,600 a block foot.

Google already owns estimable amounts of bureau space in New York though it is not enough. The Real Deal reports:

Google is already one of a many poignant tenants in Chelsea.

-It paid a then-record $1.77 billion in 2010 to buy a New York domicile during 111 Eighth Avenue…

– It also has about 240,000 block feet during Vornado Realty Trust and Related Companies’ 85 10th Avenue.

– In Dec 2015, Google sealed a 250,000-square-foot franchise during RXR Realty and YoungWoo Associates’ SuperPier project.

– While that space is being built out, a association has been negotiating to take about 200,000 block feet during RXR’s Starrett-Lehigh Building on a short-term basis.

Google has done outrageous genuine estate investments in a San Francisco Bay Area. Here are some new headlines:

– July, 2017: Google has reportedly spent $820 million on properties in Silicon Valley

– Dec 2017: Google authorized to build 10,000 homes in Mountain View though it had threatened to hindrance a housing plan if it wasn’t authorised to enhance a business park.

Foremski’s Take: Google is a surprisingly out-of-date association given it insists on gripping a workers in a environments for as many hours of a day as it can — building among other things: remote operative technologies such as Google Hangouts, Google Docs, Sheets, and Google Drive.

With such absolute collaborative telecommuting technologies because isn’t Google eating a possess dog food? Why is Google insisting on bussing a Silicon Valley workers in daily three-hour-plus commutes between a Mountain View HQ and San Francisco?

Google has pronounced that it has tested a capability of remote teams and on-site teams and found no disproportion in performance. So because are there no telecommuting jobs during Google?

There is usually one reason Google insists on a workers being underneath a control: gripping them apart from non-Google environments as most as probable with a aim to emanate association enlightenment and forestall conspiracy.

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Google doesn’t wish a engineers in internal coffee shops hooking adult with others from other companies and plotting a Google-killer. The some-more it can keep a people association group and association women — a better.

But when was it cold to be a association man? Singing a association song, being paid partly in script, eating during a association lunch counter? Riding a association bus? It was never cool, generally not in San Francisco.

Why doesn’t San Francisco, New York, Mountain View, London — anywhere Google has vast numbers of workers — insist that Google concede a people during slightest one day a week to work from home?

Here’s because this is important:

– It helps confederate a tech communities with their neighbors. They turn famous by name rather than shadows sitting behind hulk black-windowed coaches. Bussing workers to apart enclaves is divisive to communities.

– Google’s bureau expansions have a outrageous disastrous outcome on internal tiny businesses. They can't contest with all a giveaway food and giveaway services Google provides for a staff. And a businesses replaced by Google lead to serve mislaid customers. As Google moves into downtown areas in Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale a internal merchants are really endangered about critical in a shade of a Googleplex.

Google’s Sunnyvale skeleton unleash merchants’ worries and warnings | Real Estate Marketplace

– On their telecommuting days Googlers will spend income on their possess lunches and with internal tiny business services. And they’ll get to know people outward of work. And they’ll maybe see some problems around a city that need fixing. Engineers adore problems.

Cities need to ask Google because it doesn’t concede telecommuting and insist it is critical to stemming invert times for everyone; and it is critical to fighting multiplication in their neighborhoods. The same should be asked for all a other hulk employers, imho.

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