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Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is what a subsequent MacBook Pro should be (but roughly positively won’t)


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Microsoft’s new Surface Book 2 is a beast. Once again Microsoft is drill Apple on what a complicated laptop should be.

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Apple has left from heading a approach when it came to high-performance laptops to removing mired in common updates and gimmicks such as a Touch Bar. On a other hand, Microsoft is pulling a bounds and formulating powerhouse laptops directed during professionals and artistic types.

And a new Surface Book 2 is accurately what a MacBook Pro should be (minus Windows 10, of course), though isn’t.





Here are only a few of a ways that a Surface Book 2 blows divided a MacBook Pro:

  • It’s versatile and can be used in many some-more ways than only as a laptop
  • 8th-generation Intel processors (lots of opening and energy advantages from only this alone)
  • High-performance Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and 1060 dissimilar graphics options
  • Up to 17 hours of battery life (10 hours is no longer enough)
  • Multi-touch, Surface Pen, and Surface Dial on-screen support
  • Full array of ports, including USB-A, USB-C, and full-size SD label reader, so no need for dongles (MacBooks are a universe of dongle harm right now)

This right here is what people wish from a laptop, not this mania with “thinner and lighter,” fewer ports, and gimmicks like a Touch Bar.

The problem with Apple is that it’s consumed by perplexing to switch people from laptops to a iPad or iPad Pro, while still perplexing to keep it’s MacBook and MacBook Pro line going with tedious refreshes and adding things that people never needed, wanted, or asked for.

Apple has mislaid a way. The concentration it once had on creation high-performance hardware directed during professionals is gone, and instead, a association is now chasing a mainstream marketplace and maximizing a distinction margins. There no longer feels like there’s room in Apple’s lineup for something as new, exciting, and organic as a Surface Book 2.

This is since we finished adult with a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar instead of something some-more like a Surface Book 2.

Apple, when you’re being outdone on hardware by Microsoft, it’s time to lift your game!

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