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Microsoft will buy out existent cloud storage contracts for business switching to OneDrive for Business

Microsoft is targeting a cloud storage rivals including Dropbox, Box, and Google now by charity to radically buy out customers’ existent contracts if they make a switch to OneDrive for Business. The association says that business now profitable for one of these rival solutions, can instead opt to use OneDrive for giveaway for a residue of their contract’s term.

The idea here is to attract business who were meddlesome in perplexing out OneDrive for Business, though are sealed into other services.

The offer, that runs starting now by Jun 30, is not open to only anyone, however.

Instead, Microsoft is privately targeting craving business with this deal, as it requires a business make a smallest 500 user joining to OneDrive. They also can’t be an existent patron of OneDrive or Office 365.

Microsoft now has a series of incomparable business for a cloud storage and sync solution. Last year, OneDrive storage and record sync tripled, says Microsoft, and it now has over 350,000 businesses and organizations regulating a software. This includes companies like Lowe’s, Accenture, DBS Bank, Rackspace, and others.

The pierce to go after rivals’ biggest business comes shortly after one of those companies, Dropbox, has confidentially filed for an IPO, according to Bloomberg final month. Dropbox has a clever consumer bottom on a platform, with a sum of 500 million users, though has 200,000 businesses, as of Aug 2017.

Box, meanwhile, has 80,000 profitable business opposite craving and government, it pronounced during a Q3 gain in November.

Microsoft isn’t only relying on offers like this one to tempt business to switch.

The association also announced a series of new facilities and capabilities for OneDrive during a Microsoft Ignite discussion final fall. Since then, it has rolled out upgrades like secure outmost record sharing; a files-on-demand feature that doesn’t use internal hoop space; multi-geo capabilities for multinational organizations; a self-service liberation resolution called Files Restore; and stretched capabilities, including real-time co-authoring of Office files and drag-and-drop, on iOS.

In further to a agreement buy-out, Microsoft is creation emigration assistance, support and some-more accessible by FastTrack, it says.

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