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Microsoft to confederate Chalkup’s classroom partnership tech into Teams

Microsoft is appropriation a Chalkup classroom partnership height and employing a owner to work on Microsoft’s Teams product.

“Chalkup is fasten Microsoft Education,” according to a title on a Feb 13 blog post on a Chalkup association web site. Chalkup’s owner Justin Chando will be fasten Microsoft Education, according to Microsoft’s Feb 13 blog post about a deal.

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Chalkup officials pronounced a association is “joining forces” with Microsoft — that we am holding to meant that Microsoft is appropriation Chalkup’s record and also presumably a company. we can’t find any information on Microsoft’s or Chalkup’s site that indeed says Microsoft is shopping Chalkup. I’ve asked Microsoft for some-more information about a sum of a arrangement. I’ll refurbish this post once we hear back.

Update: Microsoft did not buy Chalkup, a Microsoft orator confirmed.

“Microsoft hired a CEO Justin Chando after spending several days with him to assistance us accelerate several areas of Microsoft’s offering. Microsoft is vehement to have Justin join a Education Product team…. By fasten Microsoft, Justin will move a best of a Chalkup features, like it’s strange rubrics complement to make it easier to consider and class tyro assignments, into Microsoft Teams,” a orator added.

Chalkup officials pronounced they would be bringing elements of Chalkup into a Microsoft Teams for Education service, citing as an instance Chalkup’s criteria-based grading rubrics.

From Chalkup’s web site, it seems like Chalkup had a estimable partnership in place with Google around Google Drive. I’m also seeking Microsoft if a understanding with Chalkup will engage distontinuing this Google partnership.

Chalkup will close down on Jun 30, 2018. Existing business will be means to continue to run their Chalkup courses until a propagandize year ends and will have a ability to trade their march information to Microsoft Teams. Chalkup is no longer usurpation new pointer ups, effective immediately.

Microsoft began rolling out a Teams for Education partnership service in Mar 2017. Microsoft Teams is a giveaway appendage to Office 365 Education for users with an Education, Education Plus, Education E3 and/or an Education E5 apartment plan. Microsoft doesn’t make Teams accessible as a standalone offering.

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