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iPhone X or iPhone 8? Price, size, camera all cause in your shopping decision

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As a draft next shows, we can spend as small as $349 for a bottom indication iPhone SE, or spend as many as $1149 for a fully-equipped bleeding-edge iPhone X.

Earlier this year, my mother donated her 6s Plus to me as an additional 4K camera, and bought an SE. She found a earthy distance of a Plus phone to be too large. That’s one of a some-more engaging elements of a iPhone X — it has some-more screen, in a smaller package.

The dollar preference

In this article, I’ll be looking during what we competence wish to consider, if you’re determining between an iPhone 8, an 8 Plus, or an iPhone X. If your preference is mostly driven by budget, afterwards we unequivocally wish to spend your time with a cost draft and confirm what we can afford.

On CNET: iPhone 8 review:The standing quo upgrade | iPhone X: An nauseous deception?

Since all 3 models (the 8, 8 Plus, and X) come in 64GB and 256GB configurations only, that simplifies a income calculation considerably. For any memory capacity, there’s a hundred dollar burst between a iPhone 8 and a 8 Plus, and a dual hundred dollar burst between a iPhone 8 Plus and a iPhone X.

So when it comes to a dollar decision, you’re unequivocally determining either a iPhone X is value $200 some-more to we than an iPhone 8 Plus, or $300 some-more to we than a iPhone 8.

Does distance matter?

I mentioned size, and this is intriguing. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch arrangement with a 1334-by-750-pixel fortitude during 326 ppi. The 8 Plus jumps that adult to a 5.5-inch arrangement with a 1920-by-1080-pixel fortitude during 401 ppi.


Image: Apple

But afterwards there’s a iPhone X. Its arrangement is 5.8 inches with a 2436-by-1125-pixel fortitude during 458 ppi. But wait. There’s more. Or rather, less.

See, here’s a thing. The iPhone 8 Plus’ earthy distance is 3.07 by 6.24 inches. The iPhone X, with it’s incomparable display, is physically extremely smaller. At 2.79 by 5.65 inches, it’s closer in distance to an iPhone 8 during 2.65 by 5.45 inches.

In other words, if we wish a biggest probable display, yet in a smaller phone, a iPhone X competence be a phone for you.

More shade specs

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There’s a lot some-more going on in that iPhone X shade besides size. As mentioned above, it has extremely some-more pixels than prior models.

The iPhone X has an HDR screen, providing many aloft contrariety and tone quality. Apple quantifies it as going from roughly a 1300:1 contrariety ratio on a iPhone 8 Plus to a 1,000,000:1 contrariety ratio on a iPhone X. Put simply, images will be crisper and some-more vivid.

The iPhone X also has a opposite process of lighting pixels: OLED (organic, light-emitting diodes). This is partial of how we can get a some-more transparent screen. On many iPhones (and many non-OLED phones), a LCD arrangement doesn’t light up. Instead, there are side or behind lights that yield a light.

In an OLED display, like in a iPhone X, any particular pixel produces a possess light. Effectively, a iPhone X has 2,740,500 small small flashlights in a screen, any producing light.

OLED has many advantages over LCD, yet as this CNET article shows, it’s not a impact dunk. Nonetheless, we get OLED with a iPhone X. If a higher-quality, higher-resolution shade with larger tone peculiarity is critical to you, a iPhone X competence be value those additional Benjamins.

Not your Dad’s iPhone

We’ll get to a camera in a minute, yet let’s cover some of a uncanny things first. The iPhone X is going to take some removing used to.

Let me usually put this out there. The Home button is gone. Just like a headphone jack, Apple thinks we don’t unequivocally need a Home button.





This is a large partial of how Apple got some-more shade in a smaller space. By nuking a Home button, they get a ton of space behind on a front of a phone.

But now, instead of carrying a pleasing symbol we can find, even in a dark, we have to appropriate adult from a bottom of a shade to get to Home. And yes, that means that other swipe-up gestures have changed. If we buy an iPhone X, you’ll have to live with that.

You’ll also have to live yet Touch ID. No longer will we be compulsory to press a Home symbol to authenticate. Instead, you’ll have to grin for a camera. Apple is introducing Face ID on a iPhone X.

Face ID adds a integrate of new sensors to a front of a iPhone X, including a resource that projects 30,000 particular dots during your face, so a phone can magnitude who we are. I’m not sole on this technology, personally, yet Apple claims that Face ID is indeed extremely some-more accurate and secure than Touch ID.

There are some disadvantages. No matter what Apple says, Face ID will destroy from time to time. In fact, it unsuccessful during Apple’s open demo, nonetheless Apple claims it gracefully recovered as it was designed to. The problem there was that too many faces were scanned by one demo phone, and it simply got fed adult and took a toys home.

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My regard about Face ID is identical to a blank Home button: branch on a phone quick in illustration black. we mostly get alerts in a center of a night that we need to compensate courtesy to. we can simply strech for my phone, feel a Home button, and authenticate, all in darkness. But yet a Home symbol and a Face ID complement that’s radically a camera, it’s not transparent to me usually how good a approval will work in darkness.

Also, faces change. My brave grows flattering fast, so we demeanour opposite (more cavern man) towards a finish of my coiffeur deterrence cycle than during a beginning. My mother puts on a opposite face to compare any of her outfits. Makeup can significantly change someone’s look. Apple does explain it can hoop those changes, but, again, we have my doubts.

If you’re determining between an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus and an iPhone X, usually we will know either Face ID and a miss of a Home symbol excites you, or will provoke we to no end. For me, it’s a spin off. But afterwards again, we still have my iPhone 6s Plus, roughly wholly given of how mostly we use a headphone jack.


Let’s check a camera contention for a few some-more mins to plead ARKit. ARKit is Apple’s protracted existence engine, designed to spin an iPhone into a HoloLens yet a large head-mounted hardware.

AR has a lot of potential. For example, suppose we could indicate your camera during a wall, and it can tell we a measure of that wall. Apple and others in a AR space mostly uncover games being played by a screen, so that we competence have a city on a table, or, in a box of Pokemon Go, small Poke monsters sparse via a world.

ARKit indeed works on iPhones as aged as a 6s. we ran a room measuring module (which unsuccessful for reasons other than interpreting reality) on my iPhone 6s Plus. On my phone, it indeed did discern walls and floors, yet given a phone wasn’t itself stone solid usually in my hand, a building devise wobbled. That was a unwell of a app developer, not ARKit.

In any case, where ARKit becomes engaging when shopping a phone is a fact that it’s designed to appreciate earthy reality, afterwards do something with that interpretation. It can find a park bench, and put a small Pokemon man on it. Or it could appreciate a scene, and concede your camera program to manipulate it.

Think about that for a second. Once we have a camera and something intelligent adequate to appreciate a scene, we can mix a dual to perform some engaging tricks. That, then, brings us to a cameras.


Each era of iPhone has sported a almost softened camera compared to a prior generation. The iPhone 7 camera has softened opening and softened picture peculiarity than a iPhone 6s, while a iPhone 7 Plus combined a second lens to a behind camera.

The iPhone 8 again improves picture peculiarity and, holding a spirit from a AR capabilities we discussed earlier, adds a Portrait Lighting feature, permitting we to dump out backgrounds and boldly emanate new lighting for your subjects yet wanting to use tangible lighting fixtures.

This is where a ARKit capabilities turn unequivocally interesting. Because as apps get softened during operative with a illustration of reality, print program can do a lot more. If we suspicion immature shade effects were cool, wait until your phone indeed understands what’s in a picture with we and creates changes formed on that understanding.

CNET compared a iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus cameras side-by-side, and their decisive opinion is a iPhone 8 Plus beats a 7 Plus. That’s no genuine surprise. But what about a iPhone X?

The large change is a front-facing camera on a iPhone X. Because it needs to be means to perform facial recognition, a capabilities have softened considerably. Apple combined a abyss mapping underline it calls True Depth. Basically, this allows a front-facing camera to have a many softened bargain of what’s in a image, and to make it demeanour better.

Think of it as a selfie camera on steroids. True Depth gives we a ability to emanate intelligent selfies, with some-more coherence and capability than we had with other iPhones.

The behind cameras on a iPhone X are roughly a same as that of a iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X telephoto lens has an ƒ/2.4 orifice instead of an ƒ/2.8 aperture, definition it lets in a bit some-more light. But that’s about it for a camera differences.

If you’re a selfie fan, we competence wish to cruise a iPhone X. If you’re usually holding cinema on a behind camera, you’re not going to get many some-more from a X.

So what does your $200-300 buy you?

The iPhone X uses a same A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, Neural engine, and Embedded M11 suit coprocessor as a iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. So your $200-300 is not removing we a faster processor.

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It is removing we some-more shade distance in reduction space than a 8 Plus. It is removing we some-more shade resolution, in that smaller space. It is removing we aloft peculiarity images as OLED technology.

It’s also removing we a almost softened front-facing camera that’s a outrageous bonus to selfie fans.

And, depending on either we cruise this a advantage or a shortcoming, you’re removing Face ID and losing a Home symbol and Touch ID.

Decision tree

If you’re still not sure, here are some recommendations formed on a several advantages of a iPhone X.

  • If you’re unfortunate for as many shade as possible, yet a Plus-sized phones are too many for you, get a iPhone X.
  • If we wish to see a top contrariety images during their best probable quality, get an iPhone X.
  • If we are all about selfies and softened selfies are value a few hundred bucks to you, get an iPhone X.
  • If you’re mostly anticipating to get good rear-facing camera quality, afterwards a iPhone 8 Plus will be excellent for you.
  • If you’re holding telephoto images and usually can’t get adequate light, a iPhone X’s somewhat softened orifice competence (only might, given it’s not that large a difference) give we an advantage.
  • If we unequivocally like being means to find your Home button yet lifting and looking during your phone, get an iPhone 8.
  • If we have problem with fingerprint readers for authentication (there are people with very excellent fingerprints that usually don’t review well), afterwards cruise an iPhone X.
  • If you’re usually plain sleepy of a iPhone look we’ve had given a iPhone 6, afterwards get an iPhone X. It’s really a different-looking phone.
  • If you’ve been watchful years for wireless iPhone charging (even yet I’ve been doing it on my iPhone 6s Plus given 2015), we don’t need an iPhone X. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus both come with wireless charging.

So, there we have it. Are we going to spend a few additional hundred bucks for a X? Let me know in a comments below.

You can follow my day-to-day plan updates on amicable media. Be certain to follow me on Twitter during @DavidGewirtz, on Facebook during Facebook.com/DavidGewirtz, on Instagram during Instagram.com/DavidGewirtz, and on YouTube during YouTube.com/DavidGewirtzTV.

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