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iOS 11.3: Should we implement it now or wait?

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Last week saw Apple recover a long-awaited iOS 11.3 refurbish for iPhone, iPad, and a iPod touch. But should we rush out and implement it or wait for bug fixes to arrive?

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I’ve been using a iOS 11.3 betas on a series of opposite inclination given a first open beta emerged in January, and it’s been utterly a churned experience, oscillating from super cart to surprisingly stable. But as newer releases landed, and now a final release, we can news a following:

  • Battery life: Not saying a customarily battery life pile-up from installing a latest recover (which routinely clears adult after a few recharge cycles, or Apple pushes out an update).
  • Stability: Pretty good, positively as good as a prior releases. Not saying anything out of a typical here.
  • Performance: Variable. I’m saying lags and support drops even on newer devices, and this is worse and distant some-more conspicuous on comparison devices. Sometimes it’s really noticeable, other times it isn’t. This is quite annoying, though something that is apropos a fact of life for iOS users.
  • New features: Some engaging (such as a battery health features), some feel hit-and-miss (such as Business Chat), and others feel unsatisfactory (I’m looking during you, “privacy icon“).

Does your iPhone need a new battery?

Business Chat

New Animojis!

Where did Night Shift go?

Stop apps hassling we for feedback

All in all, detached from a laggy performance, iOS 11.3 feels flattering good. Given that performance, generally support drops, has been an emanate via a iOS 11 lifecycle (and iOS 10, if I’m being honest), this emanate competence be here to stay. Hopefully, things will be opposite come iOS 12.

As always, your mileage competence vary. we usually have a singular series of inclination to lift out contrast on, and some problems competence be singular to sold situations or a use of specific apps.

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So, should we implement iOS 11.3? Well, given a broad operation of bug fixes it contains, it’s tough to advise anyone to check installing it. That said, it’s expected that iOS 11.3.1 will dump in a subsequent few weeks, so we could reason behind and implement that. Hopefully, Apple competence be means to get a hold on a opening issues (although a subsequent recover is expected to be bug fixes for bugs that iOS 11.3 introduced).

One subset of users who shouldn’t implement iOS 11.3 are jailbreakers. Installing this refurbish will move an finish to your jailbreaking fun.

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