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IDG Contributor Network: The destiny is not a cloud or a fog: it is indeed a SEA!

A infrequent thoughtfulness on a final few years in a expansion of a wireless network provides us all a insights required to reason that there is during slightest one final limit entrance down a road. Who can repudiate that a final few years have been owned by a cloud, virtualization and softwarization (if that is even a word!). Edge Computing too, that is unequivocally zero some-more than a pulling of all of these concepts low into places in a network where they have never been before. Fog computing is another tenure (created by Cisco) for something identical though driven in a birth some-more bottom adult from a many Internet of Things use cases. The bigger trend is obvious; network comprehension is distributing though where will it, can it go, over this?

I trust a subsequent large step in a destiny will be for this trend to devour a end-user devices. More than this, when record support catches adult to this prophesy there will be a surpassing reshaping of what we all call devices. This prophesy is not as fantastic as it seems. This area of record investigate has a name, device virtualization, and some are referring to a new inclination of this new record area as Service Endpoint Agents, or SEA, devices.

What is a Service Endpoint Agent (SEA)?

A SEA device is a finish rethink of how your smartphone works. The phone in your slot currently is fundamentally a entirely integrated device consisting of many blocks of hardware and program all dedicated for we and your possess functions alone. With a difference of focus program (e.g. gaming, music, personal assistants) that run in some partial in a cloud, many all we do on your device relies in some approach or another on a internal execution. A SEA device will not indispensably work like this. In a device virtualization paradigm, a same beliefs that concede virtualization opposite information centers or a abstractions of EPC elements in a cloud are practical to capacitate a energetic decay of functions in a device into executable tasks. These functions might afterwards be reserved for execution wherever this might be optimal, e.g., in another finish user device or in a circuitously Edge node. In this way, a personal practical device knowledge can be enabled around any user interface that might be immediately accessible to an finish user. This interface might be elementary or complex. The key, however, is that a interface in whatever form it takes provides a purpose of a SEA to a finish user.

Why would we go to all this trouble?

The pivotal proclivity pushing this nascent record trend is flexibility. This is a accurate same coherence proclivity that is behind a really understandable mutation going on in a wider network today. The advantages are similar; a depot functions, in this case, can be executed during some-more immediately able nodes, providing improved opening including battery savings. Another advantage is improved government of finish user services presumably over a centralized government entity along with increasing use scalability.

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