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Huami announces Amazfit Stratos $200 multisport GPS smartwatch with onboard song storage


Image: Huami

The Amazfit Bip, see a full review, is a really considerable aptness tracking watch that powers for about a month during a cost of $99.99. we didn’t pattern most from it, though was entirely impressed.

Due to my hands-on time with a Amazfit Bip, we am utterly vehement to shortly exam out a new Amazfit Stratos so stay tuned for my full examination as we sight for my subsequent half marathon. Huami grown a Stratos in partnership with Firstbeat Technologies, a association that also powers a heart rate analytics engine of a new Garmin Forerunner 645 Music, and Zepp Labs in sequence to move a GPS competition watch that marks some-more than 12 sports and offers modernized aptness and opening metrics.

The sports we can lane embody swimming, cycling, running, tennis, soccer, mountaineering, route running, triathlon, skiing and more. With Firstbeat Technologies heart rate analytics engine, we can perspective your totalled VO2max and work to urge it with coaching guidance. There is an glorious Firstbeat-powered widget we use on a Garmin Forerunner and it looks like these same training collection are supposing on a Stratos. These include:

  • Training Effect: Highlights a impact that specific activities have on a growth of aerobic opening capacity
  • Recovery Time: Recommends down time between any activity to maximize a advantage of any session
  • Training Load: Keeps lane of a total physiological impacts of all activities over a past 7 days

Image: Huami

The Amazfit Stratos has an advertised 5 days of battery life, 5 ATM H2O resistant rating, GPS and GLONASS support, and notifications for calls, messages, calendar alerts, email, and other apps. The Stratos has a 2.5D Gorilla Glass arrangement with CO fiber box pattern and ceramic bezel. It uses customary 22mm watch straps so we can customize as we see fit.

One thing we always demeanour for in these new wearables is a ability to use a information collected on several platforms. The information supposing shows that a Stratos has local support to sync information to Strava. we devise to see if we can also sync this to RunKeeper and other services when we weigh a watch.

While GPS sports tracking is one aspect of this new watch, we can also automatically lane steps, heart rate, and nap with a Amazfit Stratos. In addition, it has onboard storage and support for song playback around Bluetooth headphones.

You can squeeze an Amazfit Stratos for $199.99 from a Amazfit store starting today. Please let me know if we have any specific questions as we weigh a Stratos over a subsequent integrate of weeks.

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