Monday , 23 April 2018
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HP’s detachable Chromebook and a spook of Google’s past

It was 6 months ago to this day that we announced it: The Chromebook is effectively a new Android tablet.

At a time, we realize, such a commercial sounded somewhat unhinged (so to speak). How could a Chromebook presumably take over a purpose of a Android tablet? It doesn’t run Android, for one — and during that point, no models in existence were even loyal “tablets” in a normal slate-and-nothing-more sense.

The tip some folks saw along with me, though, was that conjunction of those distinctions indeed mattered. We’re entering a post-OS era, and a unsentimental disproportion between a Chrome OS device that runs Android apps and an Android device that runs Android apps is growing reduction poignant by a week. And as for a earthy form, anyone who had used a automobile Chromebook — a product like a Asus Chromebook Flip, whose hinge allows a shade to pivot behind and form a flattened-out inscription — knew accurately what we was removing at.

As we pronounced to a clever thinkers who questioned my end then: All things in time. A correct substructure has to be determined before an ecosystem can open adult around it. Diversity in hardware will fundamentally follow.

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