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How to use a Highlighted Content web partial on complicated SharePoint pages

The Highlighted Content web partial is complicated SharePoint’s answer to a classical Content Search and Content Query Web Parts. New facilities will be entrance to this web partial formed on what we schooled during Ignite 2017, though there are some good solutions we can build today.

Highlighted Content — a good apparatus for useful solutions

Highlighted Content is accessible customarily on complicated SharePoint pages. The elementary pattern accessible with a web partial allows we to hurl adult calm in an particular site, a ask library on a site, or opposite an whole reside formed essentially on a form of content: News, Documents, Pages, Video, Images, etc.

It also allows we to filter content formed on elementary properties, such as difference in a tile, calm or equipment recently added, or some-more formidable terms like managed properties such as a Filename or Modified date. I’ve seen some folks angry about things that we can’t yet do, though we cite to concentration on what we can do right now with this good web part. Here are a few solutions that I’ve been anticipating utterly useful regulating this web part.

Summary of news articles by “Type”

There is no unequivocally easy proceed yet to supplement metadata to complicated pages. Yes, that’s inconvenient, though that doesn’t meant it’s unfit to build useful solutions that use metadata. As an example, we have several scenarios on one of my projects where site owners wish to emanate a page that “features” opposite forms of news articles, for example, People Spotlight (articles that underline a story about a chairman on a team) or Tech Talks (articles that underline a tip or recommendation about a product or service). Here are a few ways we have implemented this outcome:

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