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Honor 9 Lite hands-on review

HUAWEI SIDEKICK Honor currently denounced a initial handset as partial of a uninformed “Lite” series, a Honor 9 Lite.

Featuring a new “quad camera” set up, a device boasts twin twin HD cameras, one on a front and one on a back, giving selfie fanatics something to hearten about.

Despite being a “Lite” chronicle of a Honor 9, a Chinese smartphone organisation says some features, such as a 5.65in FullView HD Display (FHD+) display, are indeed improved than in a flagship chronicle of a device.

We got a mitts on a phone during a launch event in London on Tuesday to find out how good this new smartphone unequivocally is, and if it lives adult to a comparison sibling, a Honor 9.   

As a name suggests, a Honor 9 Lite is strongly based on the firm’s flagship Honor 9 smartphone, looking roughly matching during initial glance. This is since it touts a same potion box with a nano-scale visual coating, giving it that standard Honor mirror-like outcome and immediately specifying it from a rivals. 

What we desired about a handset right away was that a super light to hold. Weighing only 149g, it’s a pleasure to use and we can suppose you’d not even notice it in your pocket. It is, however, a small thicker than we would have liked, measuring 7.6mm, it feels a small on a corpulent side, yet it’s what can be approaching from a mid-range device like this.

While it competence be a good tough, a silken potion pattern can be a small irritating and valid to attract each finger blemish famous to male during a time with it. 

There’s also Fingerprint Identification 4.0 baked-in, that Honor pronounced allows a 0.25s ultra-fast fingerprint clear to safeguard entrance to your device fast and safely. We weren’t means to set this adult and try this out nonetheless in a hands-on yet it’s something we’ll put to a exam in a full review.

In terms of display, a Honor 9 Lite facilities a 5.65in 18:9 FHD+, done from 2.5D glass, that Honor pronounced is an ascent from a flagship Honor 9 as a “close to a 21:9 ratio used in cinemas, giving users a film theatre-like widescreen knowledge when examination videos”.

We can see since they’d contend that, as a arrangement is truly stunning. It’s super splendid and vibrant. One thing to note, though: Honor also describes a arrangement as “bezel-less” yet not by a standards. Compared to a likes of LG and Apple’s bezel-less phones, a Honor 9 Lite is still a prolonged approach off. It is, however, a really nice, manageable arrangement that we’d be happy to daub on for prolonged periods.

Software and performance
Running a Android 8.0 handling complement with Honor’s EMUI 8.0 UI skin on top, a Honor 9 Lite is powered by a 16nm octa-core Kirin 659 chipset and 3GB RAM. Honor says we should be vehement by this since it has an upgraded time rate adult to 2.36 GHz and “a entirely enhanced” graphics estimate section (GPU).

It’s tough to know how this translates into real-world opening when personification around with a device during a brief hands-on, yet it seemed impossibly nippy via use and gave us no reason to trust Honor has used a low-performing estimate section to cut costs.

However, this could all change once we start loading a handset with apps, as a opening tests were conducted on a freshly-installed OS.

One of a biggest facilities Honor touts on a 9 Lite is a quad camera set-up. This comprises of a dual-lens 13MP and 2MP camera charity on both a front and back, so your selfies are on bar with your food photos.

Honor pronounced a twin front camera facilities a far-reaching orifice of f/2.0, with one sensor capturing picture details, while a other gathers abyss of margin information, producing professional-looking images with healthy “bokeh effects” on both a front and a behind (the healthy blurring of a credentials as seen in a iPhone X).

Nevertheless, in a brief tests, we were really tender with a opening of a phone’s snappers, and a discerning exam of both yielded considerable results. Although a involuntary beauty mode competence need a retune when initial used, as it does tend to wish to fuzz a ruin out of your face to make we demeanour better. Anyway, images are purify and colours are strong. All good things and surprisingly reward feeling for a mid-range device.   

First impressions
The Honor 9 Lite is really standard of Honor; a same lead blue coming that sets it detached from other phone manufacturers, yet this time we see some acquire additions such as a super lightweight pattern and high finish facilities like a quad cameras, complemented by an impressively vast display; all for a mid-range cost indicate (we are told).  

The handset will be accessible for squeeze from currently during “an intensely rival cost point” from online retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Very, AO.com and John Lewis. The organisation is nonetheless to announce only how most it will cost, though. Our bets are somewhere nearby a £300 range. µ

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