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Hands on with Windows 10’s Story Remix, a new apparatus to make your photos pop

Microsoft’s Story Remix was approaching to be one of a highlights of a Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and it lives adult to that promise, mixing a existing, glorious Photos app with a video and slideshow editor that adds transitions, music, and even illusory 3D animations.

Remember how Paint 3D brought Paint into a new dimension, with hammered textures and 3D objects? Story Remix adds a same artistic component to Windows 10’s Photos app. Unfortunately, it’s not utterly a cohesive knowledge we competence wish for, as Photos now has dual opposite interfaces—the normal app and Story Remix—and we might need to rebound behind and onward between a two.

We tested Story Remix as a special beta refurbish of a Photos app for Windows Insiders, finish with an peculiar Photos Add-on app that suddenly tagged along. Microsoft has betrothed Story Remix will be partial of a Photos refurbish expelled with a Fall Creators Update. (Though we tested a “final build” of a Fall Creators Update granted by Microsoft, that build lacked a 3D effects. We’ve instead formed this story on a prior work with a Insider builds, that enclosed them.)

photos story remix Mark Hachman / IDG

The new Story Remix interface, found within a Photos app.

Story Remix, or Windows Photos? How to tell

How do we know if we have entrance to Story Remix? The tipoff is a new add-on names during a tip of a app: Collection, Creations, and Folders, that reinstate a comparison Collections, Albums, Folders hierarchy. “Collection” is where your camera hurl of photos are stored, and “Creations” is where your new slideshows and video projects will live.

traditional photos app story remix Mark Hachman / IDG

The some-more normal “Photos” interface, that supports inking and involuntary picture enhancing, among other adjustments. Story Remix does neither, during a moment.

It’s value noting, though, that Story Remix and Photos exist (for now) within a arrange of odd, yin-yang duality where both apps co-exist. If we name to open or revise a record within Photos around File Explorer, Windows will open a “traditional” Photos interface. But if we simply launch a Photos app, a Story Remix interface will open. Interestingly, there also seems to be no approach to transition between a dual interfaces within a app itself. For a functions of this evaluation, though, we’ll combine roughly exclusively on Story Remix.

Microsoft story remix Microsoft

I unequivocally adore a hunt feature, that automatically pulls out faces of people that seem in your photos, even kids nonetheless a Microsoft account.

Once we launch Photos (Story Remix), don’t burst past a hunt box—this is one of a improved features. Once Story Remix is enabled, Photos will solemnly index (about one picture per second, according to a swell bar on my machine) any of a photos stored on your PC and OneDrive. The hunt bar allows we to hunt by plcae and subject regulating Microsoft’s possess appurtenance learning—when we searched for “snow,” for example, it pulled adult cinema of a new ski trip.

Side note: we behind adult my photos to both Google Photos and OneDrive, and both services are rather equally matched. Google found many some-more “snow” photos, nonetheless Microsoft unearthed some-more “beach” photos. Where Google excels, though, is a ability to hunt by face, and even name those faces. It creates it immeasurably easier to hunt down photos of your sister Christina. Microsoft also offers this feature—just click on a vacant hunt box—but it pulled adult distant fewer cinema than Google.

In a stream Windows 10 Creators Update, we might notice Photos spasmodic promulgation we notifications that it has “created a story” for you, formed on Photos we took on a certain date. That “story” was creatively only a page of photos. Story Remix goes a step further, with  “Made for You” collections during a tip of your Collection page. Inside you’ll find an algorithmically combined slideshow done of photos Story Remix finds interesting, any with a bit of variation: a slight vessel across, a bit of motion. This is where Story Remix unequivocally kicks off.

story remix options Mark Hachman / IDG

The options for what to do with video seem underneath a Story Remix “Create” menu.

How to get started with Story Remix for Photos

Basically, a indicate of a new Photos app, aka Story Remix, is to emanate a “story” of photos and video, enlivened by filters, transitions, music, and 3D objects. Story Remix collects applicable photos and puts them into a brief slideshow that we can play, edit, and share. Click a highlighted “Create” symbol during a tip of a shade and you’ll be means to name from 3 options: “Video remix,” “Video Project,” and “Album.”

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