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Google wants to compensate we to find bugs in renouned third-party Android apps

Google is fervent to clamp down on confidence flaws compared with some of a many high-profile apps in a Android library, so it’s enlisting white-hat hackers as a partial of a effort. Should we successfully find a bug in a subordinate app on Google Play, Google will compensate we nifty $1,000 for your efforts.

Google is partnering with bug annuity use HackerOne for a project, that it calls a Google Play Security Reward Program. The worldwide module now usually relates to 8 renouned apps such as Duolingo, Snapchat, Tinder, Headspace and Alibaba, nonetheless Google’s possess apartment of apps for Android validate as well.

Apps now usually validate for inclusion in a module if their developers get an invitation from Google, though in time a Mountain View, California association skeleton to hurl out a use on an opt-in basis.

Bug out

Nor do all bugs qualify. At a moment, Google is usually meddlesome in anticipating flaws that capacitate remote formula executions (RCEs) on Android 4.4 and above. In essence, that means it’s looking for bugs that concede web pages to open in an app for a purpose of phishing, or flaws that authorised a download of antagonistic formula and a probable infection of an Android device with a virus.

It’s a not-so-subtle approach of forcing Android app developers to get their acts together. You’re not even ostensible to hit Google if we find a bug; instead, we hit a developer of a app by a form supposing by HackerOne, and afterwards a developer contacts Google once it’s expelled a patch for a bug. Only afterwards will we see any cash.

Google already offers identical bounties for Chromebooks and Android proper, though this outlines a initial time that it’s extended a use to developers who use a renouned handling system.

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