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Google Updates: Free apps, some-more Home integration, bye Zagat

WELCOME BACK to a roundup of bit we might have missed from Google.

First up, if you’ve not checked Google Assistant’s harmony lists lately, we’d advise we have a look. The figure has now reached 1,500 inclination from over 200 brands. It’s throwing adult with Alexa as a centre of your home, and fast. Good pursuit too as it seems that both Google and Amazon indeed mislaid income on intelligent speakers this holiday period.

Another week, another Pixel 2 XL bug. This time a LG-made obelisk of mayhem has a bug that seems to be restraint a volume when messages are being accessible for follower apps such as Skype or Whatsapp. The emanate has been around given November.

G Suite could be about to get a dedicated PBX phone VOIP system, codenamed Wolverine. This would meant that Google would have a bona fide aspirant for Skype for Business, however, it would also meant nonetheless another treacherous further to their portfolio of comms apps. We reckon this would be about a eighth.

If you’re not a fan of a new Google Calendar blueprint that brings Material pattern to service, we’ve got bad news. Google has started rolling out as a usually diversion in city to everybody starting this week. We still skip Sunrise.

Zagat is one of those uncanny Google brands that has confirmed a apart temperament to a rest of a company. And now it looks like it will sojourn that way. Reports this week advise it is formulation to offload a use and branding. Odd as it would have done some-more clarity to usually incorporate their information into a Googletron.

Finally, contend farewell to a Pixel C, a Android-powered automobile that has been cold from sale this week in foster of a poetic (but some-more expensive) Pixelbook that runs on Chrome OS. The Pixel C was a intrepid initial try and it seems a contrition that Android for Desktop has had another misadventure after we mislaid Remix OS final year.

On to your three-for-free this week. As always these are games or apps accessible from Google Play for free, where routinely they’d have a cost tab (crossed out). Be discerning though. Often these deals usually final a integrate of days.


Yeah! Parkour! Better famous as Freerunning, this is a arrange of competition we wouldn’t consider would interpret good into a game, yet with a blocky matrix 3D graphics is can indeed be rather fun.

THE FIRM (£0.84)

Buy low! Sell high! That’s a plan in this large business game. It’s a 8-bit blocky character plan diversion that reminds us in some ways of Football Manager by programming fable Kevin ‘The Beard’ Toms


New year, new you? One of a best things we can do is splash loads of water. The recommendation is that we guzzle 2 litres a day. Poke Me acts a sign to glug wherever we are. µ



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