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Google Updates: Flights, pens, telly times (and some-more giveaway apps)

FIRST OFF apologies for a miss of a mainstay final week, censure a delayed speed of penicillin.

Things Google associated we might have missed this week:

What’s going on with Google in a US is mostly a barometer of what we’ll get over here in Blighty soon, so we’re vehement to learn that Google can now review TV schedules. The large retard here is that, during a moment, Sky Q doesn’t unequivocally confederate with anything else so a ability wouldn’t be many use to a primary market, yet we’re anticipating it’s a matter of time.

If streaming is some-more your bag though, YouTube’s TV use has rolled out to Apple TV and Roku (again, in a US) bringing some-more ways for we to cut a cord with an wire company. It’s also removing even tighter support for your Netflix account.

A somewhat weird one, Google has assimilated a Universal Stylus Initative. Styli, as good as being Steve Jobs’ nemesis, are also a treacherous issue, and not all works with each screen. Now Google has assimilated a organisation dynamic to arrange out a difficulty and make a customary for everyone. Unsurprisingly, Apple is not a member.

Finally, Google wants to try and kick a airlines during their possess game. It skeleton to use a appurtenance training record to envision if your craft is going to be late, before a dreaded ‘bing-bong’ of doom. Frankly, it’s not that hard. In many cases, if it left late, or a prior outbound moody was late, you’re screwed, yet adding a bit of scholarship will assistance envision if there’s any possibility of creation adult time.

For other Google stories on INQ this week, we can always click here.

Your three-for-free this week are a small meatier than of late. At this time of year, there tends to be a lean towards games going free, yet fortunately, we’ve found some good utilities.

If you’re doing a building project, Snagbricks (£5.99) is a blinder – it allows we to do all your site auditing, obstacle finding, reserve investigation and quoting in one app.

If you’re not, we could try Fella (£0.59) one of a augmenting series of web-wrappers with bells on, designed to urge a knowledge of a ever magisterial Facebook app. It offers a choice of theme, reduces data, works on a delayed tie and brings behind that holy grail – Messenger in a same app. Lush.

Finally nBubble takes a bit of removing used to, yet if we like your notifications to uncover in pop-ups instead of appropriate downs, this is a really sharp small app, value a try to see if we like it.

As ever, a cost of these apps might go adult as good as down. µ



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