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Google Updates: Duo for everyone, Daydream with no phone, giveaway apps

IN CES WEEK, many of what happens, happens really most in a foreground, so a mainstay about things going on in a credentials is already rather on a behind foot. But in among a waterlogged mount and battles with Amazon Alexa, a integrate of things held a eye.

First up, Google Duo, a video job component to a cackle of competing communications apps that we’re lovingly referring to as a ‘bellendfull’. Up to now, you’ve both indispensable to have a app installed, though a web app for mobile now means we can call anyone, as prolonged you’re set up. So most for responsible objection.

It was a swansong pierce for conduct of Allo/Duo/Hangouts during a company, Amit Fulay, who announced this week that he’s over and out – relocating to Facebook, who have their possess eye on video calling.

Although we’ve talked lots about a third celebration video-enabled Google Assistant devices, it’s value mentioning that CES also saw a launch of Lenovo’s Daydream headset, singular in that it doesn’t need a phone in it. We’re watchful for a hands-on with this standalone wonder.

Finally, after we mentioned final week that Google had put a patron compensation consult into a settings of a Pixel 2 (ugh), there are rumours as we write that other manufacturers’ phones are removing a same treatment. We’ll keep we adult to date with that.

There are slimmer pickings in a Three-For-Free this week. Post-Christmas and CES, it’s a bit still on a giveaway program front. But we’ve found a few things for you.

Laserbreak Pro (£1.49) is a diversion we’ve been personification for a while now so it’s good to see a ad-free chronicle for free. 120 levels of laser beams and mirrors as we try and inhibit your approach to a door. Great if you’re good during pool.

Melody Maker XD (£1.00) is not a pretension we were formerly wakeful of, though we’re going to have a tinker with it. The tender is somewhere between Guitar Hero, Mario Bros and Ableton Live, permitting we to build low-pitched compositions with a graphical interface. Probably won’t write any draft toppers this way, though value a look.

Call Recorder (£0.69) does accurately what it sounds like. This is indeed a looseness pivotal to clear a full chronicle of a giveaway app so you’ll need to download both, though this freebie unlocks functionality and removes a ads. When you’ve available your call, we can even email a outcome or send it to a cloud service. µ 



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