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Google Updates: Android messaging, mark a cat and Deezer says ‘Hey Google’

AS WE pull closer to Google I/O, it’s apropos rarely expected that we’re going to be saying a lot of large news. You can check that out here. But unusually, it hasn’t stopped other announcements from a Big G in a meantime. So as ever, here’s a weekend round-up of records and queries from Mountain View.

Firstly, it’s looking really expected that a skeleton to move a singular follower height to Android and Chrome are rolling out imminently. Code teardowns are display that “Android Messages” is entrance to both. Hopefully, it will move together SMS, Hangouts, Allo and Duo. But some-more expected you’ll only be means to content from your desktop. Which is still flattering cool.

The law about Cats and Dogs? Well, let’s start with a fact that Google Lens, a AI print partner that has rolled out to Android inclination can now tell dog and cat breeds from photos. We haven’t had a possibility to exam this one nonetheless though this is something that Google’s AI group has been operative on in tests for years, so we’re awaiting it to be flattering good.

Google Assistant adds support for Deezer this week, following on from a attainment on Amazon Alexa. The French song streaming use can now be set as your elite outlet, instead of Spotify or, of course, Google Play Music.

Finally, among other things we’re awaiting to hear in Android P, it appears that a new dialer app will give we a pivotal to concede spam calls to go true to voicemail. Now all we need is something that automatically Google searches different numbers. We’re certain they’re operative on that too.

There’s no giveaway apps this week. Once again, a peculiarity of a apps that we hadn’t already featured was utterly low. If you’re a developer and you’d like to foster your app with a giveaway offer only for us, greatfully get in touch! µ  



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