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Google rumored to build Chromecast tech true into TVs

In a rather treacherous spin of events, a new news suggests that Google will take a punch out of a streaming device business in sequence to incorporate Chromecast-like functionality directly into destiny radio sets.

Several sources vocalization with Variety reliable a existence of a new array of TVs from Vizio that will confederate Chromecast directly into a hardware.

While this sounds a lot like an Android TV offshoot, a news says it’s identical in functionality, though not accurately a handling complement we’ve come to know and adore on Sony TVs and Nvidia Shield.

The new line of TVs won’t have any local apps, instead streaming videos directly off a phone or tablet; i.e. Chromecast, though though a round front unresolved off your radio set.

To make this news a bit juicier, Vizio competence go as distant as to yield a new Android device to anyone who purchases a Chromecast-equipped TV, in lieu of a normal remote. However, a news warns that a inclusion of an Android-powered remote competence be theme to last-minute changes.

Should a news spin out to be true, this would symbol Google’s fifth entrance into a critical room space after Chromecast, Chromecast Audio, Android TV and a strange Google TV, that unsuccessful to take off in 2014.

There’s no word on pricing or accessibility for a initial ‘Chrome TVs’, though my money’s on a launch someday in a fall.

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