Sunday , 22 April 2018
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Google Play audiobooks get Smart Resume, bookmarks and Assistant routines support

Google Play Audiobooks is removing a vital refurbish currently that adds a series of new facilities to a use that were sorely blank when it launched progressing this year. None of these are groundbreaking, though they’ll assistance Google strech underline relation with some of a competitors while injecting a bit of a exclusive smarts into a process, too.

Maybe a many useful new underline in today’s recover is Smart Resume. Instead of picking adult in a center of a judgment or even word when your audiobook playback gets interrupted (maybe by Google Maps giving we directions or a accessible passerby who is seeking for directions while we are clearly listening to an audiobook). Depending on a length of a interruption, this new underline will smartly rewind to a commencement of a word or judgment to assistance we stay in a flow.

Also new in this refurbish are a ability to set bookmarks so we can simply go behind to your favorite partial of a book and a ability to speed adult a audio — or delayed it down so we can unequivocally season your favorite thoroughfare in Ulysses. Both of these facilities were really blank in a initial release.

If you’re a unchanging Google Assistant user and are already creation use of a recently launched Routines feature, you’ll be happy to hear that we can now select to continue your audiobooks when we arise adult or start your commute.

And if we have family that’s widespread around a world, you’ll be happy to hear that support for Google’s Family Library, that allows we to share Google Play purchases like apps, games, movies, e-books and audiobooks, is now rolling out in 13 new countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Chile, Mexico, Japan (audiobooks only) and South Africa.

All of these new facilities are now accessible on iOS and Android.


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