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Google might be adding surveys to a Pixel 2 XL’s settings

OH GOOGLE, what hast thou done? Not calm with releasing a bug-ridden £1,000 flagship this year in a form of a Pixel 2 XL, it now appears to be burying a consult in a settings. Eww. 

Android Central‘s US executive editor Andrew Martonik has tweeted justification that Google wants justification that we are happy with your phone:

What’s strikingly bizarre about this is that Google won’t mount for anyone else doing it. The Google Play store is riddled with manners that forestall other developers doing usually this kind of thing. So it’s a tadge hypocritical, no?

We’re gradually apropos used to a suspicion of Microsoft asking us if we’re alright in Windows pop-ups (and substantially revelation us because we should be regulating Edge) yet this is a initial from Google, and it feels all kinds of wrong.

OnePlus has finished identical with a phones before, yet it has clearly listened to a village as they have stopped recently, yet Google’s hardware should certainly play by Google’s manners and this kind of invasion, however well-intentioned, generally doesn’t play well.

Add that to a innumerable of issues that a Pixel 2 XL has been tormented with – from blue stain to shade burn, we would have suspicion that Google would be regulating screaming from anything remotely controversial.

It even has a dedicated opt-in consult apparatus – Google Opinion Rewards – that would have been an ideal opening for a consult like this.

So distant Google hasn’t commented on this and as distant as we know, Martonik is a usually chairman to have really seen it (wouldn’t it usually have to be a journalist), yet of course, we’ll let we know if we get any some-more information.

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