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Get your iPhone prepared for iOS 11

If you’re meditative about upgrading to iOS 11 a impulse it’s released, there are some stairs that we should take so we don’t finish adult in a universe of hurt.

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How to get iOS 11

The endorsed approach is to daub Settings General Software Update and lift out a modernise from there.

Alternatively, we can bond a iPhone or iPad to a PC regulating iTunes and do a ascent from there.

What inclination can run iOS 11?

iOS 11 is upheld on a following devices:

  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPod hold 6th
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus

This means that not all inclination that run iOS 10 can run a iOS 11. Specifically, a following are not supported:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPad 4

This means that a oldest Apple inclination that can support iOS 11 will be a iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

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Remember: Things can go wrong!

Before we go hog-wild, chuck counsel to a breeze and start upgrading, be wakeful that there are risks. Things can go wrong, things competence be broken, and we competence remove data. Plenty of iOS launches have been injured by bugs and problems, so with that in mind, it’s a good thought to have an present backup, since creation a bitch isn’t going to move behind your mislaid photos or documents.

You can possibly emanate a local backup regulating iTunes, or backup to iCloud by going to Settings iCloud Backup, and afterwards branch on iCloud Backup.

Keep in mind that unless you’re peaceful to burst by hoops and do things that Apple frowns upon, going to iOS 11 is a one-way trip, so we competence wish to let other people to go forward of we only in box there are gotchas

Spring purify your iPhone or iPad

Chances are that your iPhone or iPad has amassed a lot of detritus over a months and years, so what improved time to get absolved of it than now.

While iOS 11 doesn’t need as many giveaway space to implement as some of a progressing releases of iOS, removing absolved of apps that we no longer use — or maybe have never used — creates good sense.

Know your passwords

Following a upgrade, you’ll need to enter your iCloud cue in sequence to be means to reconnect to all your information and photos. If we don’t have this tighten to palm — remember, carrying it on a device you’re upgrading isn’t all that available — afterwards this competence be a good time to do that.

Also, if your iTunes backup is encrypted, afterwards remember you’ll need that cue if something goes wrong!

Prepare yourself for a “Appocalypse”

The finish is close for all 32-bit iOS apps, so if you’re still relying on comparison apps, it’s time to find alternatives.

For some time now, Apple has been warning iPhone and iPad users that bequest 32-bit apps competence delayed down their devices, though with a new recover of iOS 10.3, Apple has escalated things by creation it transparent that a finish is nigh.

You can check commissioned apps for harmony regulating a built-in checker apparatus (you need to be regulating iOS 10.3 or after for this to work).

You can find that by clicking: Settings General About Applications.

From there, you’ll get a list of all a 32-bit apps on your iPhone or iPad that won’t run on iOS 11. If you’re lucky, we won’t have any apps listed, or a apps that are listed will be aged things that we forgot we had commissioned and no longer use.

However, if an app that we are relying on is listed, afterwards we need to get prepared for a demise.


Secure browsing


If super-secure messaging isn't your thing


Is it improved to ascent or clean a device and start from scratch?

It’s a lot reduction con to only ascent a device since we get to keep all your apps and settings.

However, inclination that we have wiped and reloaded a new iOS onto, and afterwards commissioned and re-setup all my apps and such, feel faster and seem to humour from fewer problems (such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues). However, wiping and reloading a apps and information is flattering large hassle, and it’s substantially some-more work than many wish to undertake.

Should we wait a while before doing a upgrade?

There will expected be an refurbish or dual to iOS 11 entrance down a pipes over a entrance weeks, so we competence wish to wait for a dirt to settle and for any last-minute bugs to be squashed before creation a leap, generally if we rest on your device.

Also, if we use your device in a BYOD setting, make certain we get a OK from a IT dialect before upgrading, in box you’re incompetent to entrance a network or information we need.

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