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Get a captivating phone mountain for $3.99

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Four measly bucks to mountain your phone in a safer and some-more available spot? Yes, please!


You. Yeah, you. Get your phone out of your lap, your cupholder, your raise of junk in a newcomer seat. Because when we constantly strech for it down there, you’re some-more expected to incidentally plow into a tree — or worse, an approaching car, that we competence be driving.

Hey, we’re all guilty of during slightest glancing during a phones while driving, if not undisguised regulating them — even yet we know full good a horrible, terrible risks.

My recommendation: Mount your phone on your dashboard. This not usually puts it during a safer steal-a-glance height, though also creates it easier to daub if we need to, say, postponement your podcast or skip to a subsequent song track

Car mounts come in a accumulation of styles; I’m a outrageous fan of a captivating variety. Like this ridiculously inexpensive one: TopStar Technology (via Amazon) has a Getihu captivating automobile phone mountain for only $3.99 when we request promo formula NAK34H9J during checkout.

In all honesty, even a $5.99 unchanging cost is a good understanding — we mostly see these offered for $8-10.

This a two-piece product. The captivating mountain slides over one of a slats in an atmosphere vent, that isn’t ideal for each car. (My Mustang, for example, has rather floppy, non-traditional vents, so this wouldn’t work well.) You also shouldn’t select this unless we can spin off a airflow to sold vents, as a final thing we wish is prohibited atmosphere blustering your phone during a winter.

The other piece: a steel image that sticks to a behind of your phone or case, or slips inside your box so it’s not visible.

I don’t mind carrying a image on a behind of my box — that sold cultured doesn’t regard me — and we like a most stronger captivating hold it affords.

Every time we get in a car, we only plunk your phone onto a mount. It’s unequivocally satisfying. It’s also approach easier than fiddling with one of those cradle mounts.

There’s one other consideration, though: If your phone supports wireless charging and we frequently take advantage of that feature, a captivating mountain poses a problem. Can we theory why? Yep: The steel image blocks a charging receiver.

On an iPhone X, we was means to work around this by positioning a image tighten to a bottom of a box instead of in a center.

All this is to say: 4 bucks buys we reserve and convenience. It’s a no-brainer. And, hey, if we don’t like a vent-mount option, squeeze one that sticks to your dash. Or windshield. Anything. Please. I’m vagrant ya.


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