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Firefox Quantum vs Chrome: Are a tides shifting?

Video: Firefox Quantum will give we a faster browser yet there’s a cost to pay

Faster Firefox? Mozilla's Quantum shoots for quicker page loads, smoother scrolling

Faster Firefox? Mozilla’s Quantum shoots for quicker page loads, smoother scrolling

Mozilla is overhauling a Gecko-based web engine so that it’s improved during doing a energetic facilities of complicated websites.

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Mozilla has a new web browser, called Firefox Quantum, to contest with Google Chrome.

Firefox Quantum launched in Nov 2017 for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows users. This latest chronicle arrives some-more than a decade after Mozilla initial expelled a iconic Firefox browser. Mozilla pronounced Firefox Quantum is designed to be twice as quick as a Firefox prototype from final year — while regulating 30 percent reduction mechanism memory than a Chrome browser.

That’s good selling speak, yet is Firefox Quantum truly improved than Google’s opposition browser? If you’d like to learn about what forms of updates Firefox Quantum brings to a table, or how these dual top-tier browsers smoke-stack up, we’ve damaged out all a stats and facilities value profitable courtesy to, with a hopes of assisting we figure out that is browser is better.

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What are Firefox Quantum and Chrome’s marketplace shares?

Usage today

In Dec 2017, usually one month after Firefox Quantum’s recover to a public, Mozilla announced there have been 44 percent some-more downloads from Chrome users compared with this time final year. On Android and iOS devices, specifically, Firefox installations peaked 24 percent.

Started during a bottom

It’s critical to put that information into context: First, when Chrome debuted in 2008, it quick spin a de-facto web browser of choice. Before then, it seemed like everybody was regulating Firefox as an choice to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari. Chrome done Firefox irrelevant — a tarnish that’s usually now starting to retreat course. According to a Digital Analytics Program, in Jan 2017, Chrome dominated US web browser use (with 44.5 percent marketplace share), followed by Safari (with 25.4 percent) and Internet Explorer (with 15.5 percent marketplace share). Firefox tumbled to fourth place (with 7.4 percent).

Yet, a month after a launch of Quantum Firefox, Mozilla reliable a sum of 170 million people have commissioned a new browser, which lets we open over 1,500 tabs in small seconds.

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(Image: Mozilla)

What’s new in Firefox Quantum?

Before we get any deeper into Firefox Quantum, we should know that it is technically called chronicle 57 of a Firefox browser. The “Quantum” name comes from a plan that incited Firefox into what it is now — yet a name has stuck. Everyone says it, so we will, too.


Underneath a redesigned interface is a new browsing engine, innate from a Quantum project, along with new multiprocessing record that Mozilla has built for a browser. Firefox Quantum also facilities an AMD VP9 hardware video encoder that helps to revoke battery expenditure by slicing credentials tabs’ video decoding. The outcome is a browser that is gaunt nonetheless built for multi-tasking mixed tabs with 86-percent reduction hang time – all while regulating reduction RAM than Chrome. You can run 3D games during near-native speeds and crop quietly meaningful Firefox is regulating adequate memory to let we work while withdrawal copiousness of memory to keep your mechanism responsive. Firefox uses 1.77 times reduction memory than Chrome, Mozilla said.


We all wish a browser that feels quick and lean, yet we also wish one that looks great. Luckily, Firefox Quantum doesn’t disappoint. You’ll immediately see visible changes via a browser — either looking during a toolbar icons, Settings menu, New Tab page, etc. It creates Chrome feel dated. If, for whatever reason, we don’t like a new look, Firefox Quantum lets we customize it to fit your preferences. You can pierce all a buttons, change all a colors and fonts, and even control a visible firmness of a browser. You can also select from thousands of themes. Check out some of a accessible themes here.


Firefox Quantum comes installed with nifty tricks. Like Chrome, it has a built-in QR formula reader and a menu object for duplicating a URL. Firefox Quantum even streamlined screenshotting: You can constraint a section, all on your screen, or a whole webpage all during once. You can even spin on “Night Mode” to upset a browser’s colors. You can also implement extensions and add-ons, sync a browser and share open tabs opposite mobile, desktop, or tablet, conduct your passwords and even give your mechanism a master cue for additional security, and crop privately.

Mozilla bills Firefox Quantum as an open-source browser that doesn’t sell entrance to your online information and lets we opt-in to remoteness so we can openly browse. With Private Mode, for instance, Firefox Quantum can actively retard neglected content, including ads, analytics trackers, and share buttons for amicable media that competence record your function yet your pithy permission.

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(Image: ZDNet)

How does Chrome compare?


Both browsers have been put by synthetic benchmark tests by several sites, including ZDNet, and in many of these cases, a latest chronicle of Firefox beats Chrome, generally in regards to modernized workloads and programming techniques. In a test, we remarkable a formula uncover there’s been a lot of bid put into Firefox’s opening over a past year. However, we also couldn’t feel too many of a speed disproportion — and that’s frequency a surprise, given how quick complicated browsers have spin and how a opening between them has narrowed.

If we wish to know some-more some-more about Chrome and a technical sum behind a speed, like WebKit, V8 JavaScript engine, and more, check out this comic book Google made. It explains all we need to know, finish with illustrations. Those of we who wish to know even more, like a middle workings of DNS pre-resolution or DOM bindings, Google has technical videos here. It’s all a bit geeky, yet a information is there.

That said, Mozilla expelled a possess promotional video that directly compares both browsers. It tested page loading times for 10 of a many renouned websites. In any instance, Firefox Quantum was twice as quick as a Chrome browser. You can check a whole video here.


It feels like Chrome has looked a same for years — despite Google’s Material Design efforts. So, if you’re feeling a small sleepy of Chrome’s look, too, we competence be bewitched by Firefox Quantum’s pointy “Photon” interface. Just don’t pattern a jaw-dropping new browsing knowledge — it’s still usually a web browser. In fact, Firefox Quantum looks a lot like Chrome. Rather than apart a hunt bar and residence bar, it combines them, usually like Chrome, and tabs opposite both browsers are rectilinear and simple. Plus, we have to give credit where it’s due: Firefox Quantum isn’t a usually web browser accessible with a possess thesis store for customization. You can usually as simply go crop thousands of themes accessible for Chrome, from here.


Google has always attempted to representation Chrome as a secure browser. It has built-in malware and phishing detection, interjection to sandboxing and protected browsing technology, as good as automobile updates that pierce confidence fixes. It also has several remoteness tools during your disposal. For instance, like Firefox Quantum’s Private Mode, Chrome has something called an Incognito mode. It mostly auto-deletes cookies instead of auto-block ads that track. But, with Chrome, we can customize some preferences by website, including henceforth tongue-tied autoplaying video ads, a pierce that should make your web-browsing knowledge many reduction interruptive.

Finally, Chrome also lets we usually pointer in to immediately entrance your synced bookmarks, history, and other settings from any device. Also, identical to Firefox Quantum, it has add-ons and extensions, as good as a Chrome Web Store for anticipating all these installable goodies.

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(Image: Jake Smith)

Is it value removing used to a new browser when they competence seem to be roughly equal competitors?

Test it yourself

Putting aside pattern (since that’s all subjective), it comes down to speed and facilities when pitting Firefox Quantum and Chrome opposite any other. As we pronounced earlier, a lot of a information seems to advise Firefox Quantum is faster, yet some fake benchmark tests do prove this is immaterial in a genuine world. In other words, a dual browsers competence feel equally fast, yet they shouldn’t be equally as complete on your machine. A integrate dozen Chrome tabs can pierce even a many spec’d-out consumer mechanism to a halt, while in Firefox Quantum, in a experience, we can have 30 to 40 tabs open and not feel a bit of lag.

It’s something value contrast yourself, since Americans spend some-more than 10 hours a day looking during a screen, per Nielsen research. If that’s you, and a bulk of those hours are on a web browser, we unequivocally should be regulating a speediest, many fit browser, even if that means carrying to get used to a whole new one.

Which browser would work best for that form of chairman and why?

Browser wars

Chrome competence have won a browser wars approach behind when, yet as story has shown, it’s probable to remove your crown. While Chrome has been absolutely attack a snooze symbol for a past integrate years, Firefox quantum-leaped forward (see what we did there?).

Mozilla now expected hopes Firefox Quantum will concede it to recover a belligerent it mislaid to Chrome, yet it faces some daunting challenges, including a fact that Chrome is a default browser for Android devices, and Safari is a default browser for Mac and iOS devices, and Microsoft Edge is a default browser for Windows 10 devices.

Also, ultimately, switching browsers is a pain. There’s a training curve, if not a behavioral one. But, as distant we can tell, there is not many we can do in Chrome that we can’t do in Firefox Quantum. It’s therefore formidable to contend what form of chairman should use that browser. You unequivocally need to consider about either your married to Google’s ecosystem, either Chrome is a now sow on your system, and either you’re even peaceful to try another option. Answer those essential questions — and you’ll know that browser is better, or during slightest best for you.

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