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Facebook adds eBay’s Daily Deals to the Marketplace on mobile

Facebook is again removing into a daily deals space, this time in partnership with eBay. The association has launched a new underline within a Marketplace territory on a mobile app, where a preference of register from eBay’s Daily Deals module is now available. The deals can be shopped directly in Facebook’s app, though checkout takes place on eBay’s website by an in-app browser.

The new further expands a concentration for Marketplace, Facebook’s answer to Craigslist. This territory now is prominently positioned in Facebook’s mobile app, occupying a executive mark on a bottom bar on iOS (or tip bar on Android), in between a Video and Notifications icons.

Launched publicly final fall, a thought has been to total a “for sale” postings from a amicable network’s several “buy and sell” groups, permitting for an easier, some-more centralized approach to hunt and emporium for equipment from internal sellers. You can also list your possess equipment for sale, and discuss with buyers or sellers around Marketplace’s formation with Messenger.

To date, however, it has been a peer-to-peer marketplace, not a source for deals from third-party websites, like eBay.

That has now changed, as some users will see a new “Daily Deals” territory when clicking into Marketplace.


The deals will stress those products in a Consumer Electronics, Fashion, and Home Garden categories.

At a tip of a page, there’s a countdown that indicates how prolonged a deals will be available. Each object also displays a commission off. But to see a tangible sale price, we have to click into a understanding itself.

There will be around 100 new equipment posted to this territory daily, we understand. Deals can be common with others around SMS or Messenger, that will couple to a understanding around eBay’s ShopBot app.

Facebook characterizes this as a test.

“We’re conducting a exam to establish if people are meddlesome in selling for ignored products when they revisit Marketplace,” pronounced Facebook Product Manager, Akash Anand, in a matter common with TechCrunch.

The Daily Deals underline is now accessible to a tiny commission of people in a U.S. as of progressing this month, and is displaying on both a Android and iOS Facebook mobile apps.

While eBay is a stream source for these deals, Facebook’s arrangement with eBay is not exclusive. That means if this proves to be a renouned feature, Facebook could enhance Daily Deals to embody those from other third parties as well.

For a time being, transaction income is not being common between eBay and Facebook. Instead, users who click on a understanding will be related over to a eBay website within a Facebook app, where they can perspective some-more product details, and finish their purchase.

Daily deals is an area Facebook explored years ago, during Groupon’s heyday. The thought behind afterwards was to bond users to deals for area restaurants, shops, organisation activities, and more, from internal businesses. But these days, businesses that wish to strech business on Facebook set adult their possess Pages, and run ads. Plus, a can entice users with Facebook Offers, that can also be run as ads.

The new Daily Deals section, on a other hand, gives Facebook some-more of a “real” selling underline – a approach to crop products from eBay’s devoted sellers, afterwards buy right in a Facebook app.

Though a opposite angle on daily deals than before, it’s not a initial time Facebook has dabbled with enabling commerce on a site. Most notably, a stream “Shops” underline (originally called the “Shopping” feed) pulls in product listings from Facebook Pages, afterwards lets we checkout from a seller’s possess website, while still in Facebook.

Facebook has not publicly announced a Daily Deals feature, as it stays a test. It’s not transparent when or if a underline might turn some-more broadly available, though we know it’s not connected with the European Marketplace enlargement news announced yesterday.

Ebay also reliable a exam of Daily Deals on Facebook.

“At eBay, we are always looking to enlarge a strech and aspect register by new channels,” a orator said. “We are now using a exam with a tiny subset of people on Facebook in a U.S. who can crop eBay’s Daily Deals on Facebook Marketplace.”

Featured Image: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

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