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Does relocating your coop drag a canvas? Welcome to nonetheless another bug in Win10 1709 patches

A Windows Ink operative has reliable that there’s a bug in a third Win10 1709 Mar Cumulative Update, KB 4089848, that breaks common coop movements in Photoshop, Lightroom and CS Paint. Looks as if a same problem bedevils this month’s 1709 Cumulative Update, KB 4093112, as well. Microsoft, it seems, motionless to mangle coop function in Win10 1709 though any presentation or explanation.

Early this month, DavideV, on a Microsoft Answers forum, posted a rather bizarre observation:

I’m on a Surface Pro 4 and Photoshop CC used to work only excellent for me though recently I’m experiencing a following problem: mostly in Brush mode a coop moves a board around instead of drawing. This is roughly always a box when starting a straight stroke, reduction so for plane ones.

This happens:

  • both with and though Photoshop gestures enabled
  • with both a new and aged Surface pen
  • with and though hardware acceleration enabled in ps (note: though hardware acceleration, relocating a board around is comically slow).

Please note that my Surface coop is operative routinely other than in this specific instance. All other sketch or essay applications work as usual. we therefore consider this is a Photoshop specific problem, though I’m posting here only in box anyone else has seen a problem and/or knows of any problematic Windows Setting that could potentially impact this.

Ends adult that DavideV strike a bug in a Mar 22 Cumulative Update to Win10 Fall Creators Update, chronicle 1709. You’ll be forgiven if you’ve mislaid lane of all a 1709 accumulative updates, though KB 4089848 is a third accumulative update for 1709 expelled in March. Microsoft hasn’t nonetheless reliable a bug, though it now looks as if a same bug also appears in this month’s (first) Win10 1709 accumulative update, KB 4093112.

On Wednesday, Microsoft MVP and village judge Barb Bowman posted a detailed explanation of a bug, simply describing it thusly:

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