Wednesday , 21 March 2018
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Cray wants to light a glow underneath your large data

It’s no tip that analytics is eating a craving world, though if there’s anything in eternally brief supply, it’s speed. Enter Cray, that on Tuesday denounced a new supercomputing height designed with that in mind.

Dubbed Urika-GX, a new complement is a initial flexible analytics height to compound supercomputing with an open, craving framework, Cray said.

Due to be accessible in a third quarter, Urika-GX promises data scientists new levels of opening and a ability to find discernment in large information sets quickly. The complement is tuned for rarely iterative and interactive analytics, and integrated graph analytics offers fast settlement matching.

“In a past, you’d run some forms of analytics each 24 hours or even each week,” pronounced Ryan Waite, Cray’s comparison clamp boss of products. “Today, we competence wish to run them each 6 hours or each hour to be some-more in balance with what business are doing.”

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